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  1. MrUnicornmittens
    MrUnicornmittens PeteZa
    Hi Peteza my mc name is MrUnicornMittens i take full responsibility of what i've done i promise i iwll delete al my hacks and wont hack again please unban me because this is the best server and me and my cousin always play on this server everyday and we love it please unban me and i promise i wont do it again so please give me one more chance and i promise i wont let you down
  2. OneTruenaruto
    I am Still Watching Anime and playing Pokefind.
  3. PupCorn_
    Got Scammed With No Vid proof Miss you Gengar
  4. Freezybird49
  5. eric.B
    eric.B Kialos
    im done trying to get unban he going declined all of us just becasue the server are so easy to hack on
  6. RoeiRulz
  7. eric.B
  8. StillAchiver588
    Hey guys I'm applying for staff or atleast Jr.Mod but nothing to big and is just want to say I am ready for Jr.mod but I need your help!!!!!
  9. BubbleSplosion
  10. OneTruenaruto
    Still Just watching anime.
  11. Peppadoo21
    Peppadoo21 PeteZa
    1. MysticDoesPvp
      You should make a thread under Reports, not ask on an admins profile page
      Jul 18, 2017 at 5:51 PM
  12. 1egend_Shadow
    sorry I havent been on toady or yesterday. Ive been having family issues
  13. DiamondKat10
    DiamondKat10 PeteZa
    Hi PeteZa,
    I admit to hacking and I am very sorry. Can I please be unbanned and I wont hack again, I love your server, and I have donated. If I could be unbanned that would be great. I take full responsibility for what I have done. If i'm not unbanned I fully understand.
    1. DiamondKat10
      My Minecraft IGN is DiamondKat10
      Jul 17, 2017 at 10:34 PM
  14. lego10001
    Are you reading this?
  15. lego10001
    I play on PokeFind a lot, and have come to really appreciate the creators, though I haven't met them.
  16. NAIGO22
    NAIGO22 Lars
    Hey, your server got me banned permanently but I haven't do anything, you can do something
    1. Lars
      Appeal on the forums, also stop spamming my wall, its a punishable offense. (I've deleted your posts for now)
      Jul 17, 2017 at 10:58 PM
  17. BranderoS
    555 Eternal Server Error
  18. PVPMPV
    PVPMPV PeteZa
    I got perm muted on pokemon skyblock for advertisement I didn't mean to advertise but I was getting some friends to help me on there I would like to be ummuted if possiable PVPMPV
  19. PVPMPV
  20. Hype_INGOTZ
    Hype_INGOTZ Lars
    hey Lars, one of calls sr. moderates haven't been answering much questions on the forms... do you mind if you could look into it?