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    1. Gladiola
    2. benneblue
      Why is my level 45 charzard now a level 29 charmillion?
    3. StoereBoyMart
      Please can you leave a message for me. My son is sadly. With kind regards from The Netherlands. Arco. See earlier message
    4. StoereBoyMart
      Good afternoon, for my 7 year old son I want too buy Pro Rank but I still got the message : you opened too many chargebacks. Can you help me to solve this? A few months ago we bought something but we didn't get it. Then we got (I presume) our money back via Paypal. Has that any to do with this? I am not an expert on this but my son wants to buy this (I pay for him).
    5. FreeTheBacon
      I recently logged onto the PokeFInd server to find all my progress had been reset, including my rank. Please fix this as soon as possible, thank you :)
    6. ApExAverage
      Hey i accidentally accepted an island accept and i want my island back is that possible
    7. L1Nx
      Thanks Aviatrax for looking at my application for Jr Mod. I might try and apply in 2 weeks but i'm grateful that you took the time to read through it and also you doing it faster then I expected. Thanks
    8. WE_XOXO
      in my appeal it says im using modded clients but im really not i offerd that i can like made video proof im not hacking but it was still denied why ?
    9. hagish123
      I want to ask something Iv been a proud member of this server for a very long lime and I really wanted to now if you would be extremely kind to give me the honor of being JR MOD because I love this server so much and I want to enjoy it in a whole nother way, I want to help the community by helping with explaining stuff like how the server runs and how amazing it is.

      sincerely: hagish123
    10. ZenGaming
      Why was my appeal denied?
    11. pro_good
      is the only pay option for ranks paypal
    12. Francesco
      For some reason my account is screwed as it won't let me complete a mission as it wont let me talk to the people the mission says i have to talk to, so could u please fix my account plzzzzzzz without affecting my pokemon
    13. Leocthl
      My account was used by my brother and he say something bad to the bot, why u muted Me??? That is my brother, not me! I am an inocent. Pls un muted me or mute me for a period
    14. DragonVortex
      responding to my spam ban appeal why was i banned for spam when each post were hours apart also how long is ban
    15. dylan7664758
      Bought a shadow egg but assigned the wrong user name. How can I correct this? My real user name is dylan766.
    16. TheZane
      My username is TheZane and whenever i try to log in it says "Sorry, failed to load your data! Please contact a member of our staff." I really want to play and ! don't know why this is happening.
    17. GConsolero
      Another one in pokewars, username: IMA_oink
    18. GConsolero
      I found another hacker playing pokewars, his/her username is _Marco1024_
    19. GConsolero
      I was playing PokéWars and i think someone was using killaura. His/her username is FalseID7. (i think that was the username. if it isnt, then its NoID7)
    20. Draxx95
      hi my gaming name is Draxx95 plz i hacked before but ssundee just posted a new pokeworld video and i want to play with him plz can you unban me i will never ever hack again plz plz plz
      1. Aviatrax
        You need to appeal in our Punishment Appeal section.
        Sep 16, 2017
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    Oct 30, 1994 (Age: 23)