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    1. XD001ShadowLugia
      Question did you think my alts username was 00_infinite because its not o its a Zero. And My main is unmuted so when can I get my alt to be unbanned? Also I use my alt for trading on pokefind I never known that I can get banned for mute evasion.
    2. iteal
      When I tried to go on the server it says... Sorry, Failed to load data. Please contact staff member! I think it happen because I changed my name in minecraft. Thank you!
    3. MandTrule
      For some reason pokefind is having lag and everybody I've been playing with has been having some difficulty. Is there anything that can be done to stop it?
    4. Jeremiah Daugherty
      Jeremiah Daugherty
      It won't let me place any pokemon after making a new island, when I don't have any on the island
    5. Smokin_dank
      Hi my name is Marco irl. I've been banned permanently for an inappropriate name "CrispyFatAzz", but this was weeks ago. I shared my account with my brother and he changed the name but, now we have our own accounts and I changed my name to something better. Please unban me thanks
    6. reinier
      hello in the gen 3 map with the badges i defeat homphray to unlock the door into the control room but the door didn't open. what can i do?
      username hasaflakie
    7. Gladiola
    8. benneblue
      Why is my level 45 charzard now a level 29 charmillion?
    9. StoereBoyMart
      Please can you leave a message for me. My son is sadly. With kind regards from The Netherlands. Arco. See earlier message
    10. StoereBoyMart
      Good afternoon, for my 7 year old son I want too buy Pro Rank but I still got the message : you opened too many chargebacks. Can you help me to solve this? A few months ago we bought something but we didn't get it. Then we got (I presume) our money back via Paypal. Has that any to do with this? I am not an expert on this but my son wants to buy this (I pay for him).
    11. FreeTheBacon
      I recently logged onto the PokeFInd server to find all my progress had been reset, including my rank. Please fix this as soon as possible, thank you :)
    12. ApExAverage
      Hey i accidentally accepted an island accept and i want my island back is that possible
    13. L1Nx
      Thanks Aviatrax for looking at my application for Jr Mod. I might try and apply in 2 weeks but i'm grateful that you took the time to read through it and also you doing it faster then I expected. Thanks
    14. WE_XOXO
      in my appeal it says im using modded clients but im really not i offerd that i can like made video proof im not hacking but it was still denied why ?
    15. hagish123
      I want to ask something Iv been a proud member of this server for a very long lime and I really wanted to now if you would be extremely kind to give me the honor of being JR MOD because I love this server so much and I want to enjoy it in a whole nother way, I want to help the community by helping with explaining stuff like how the server runs and how amazing it is.

      sincerely: hagish123
    16. ZenGaming
      Why was my appeal denied?
      1. XD001ShadowLugia
        Jan 22, 2018 at 9:49 PM
    17. pro_good
      is the only pay option for ranks paypal
    18. Francesco
      For some reason my account is screwed as it won't let me complete a mission as it wont let me talk to the people the mission says i have to talk to, so could u please fix my account plzzzzzzz without affecting my pokemon
    19. Leocthl
      My account was used by my brother and he say something bad to the bot, why u muted Me??? That is my brother, not me! I am an inocent. Pls un muted me or mute me for a period
    20. DragonVortex
      responding to my spam ban appeal why was i banned for spam when each post were hours apart also how long is ban
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