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    1. CowlessTheEpic
      Please help me. I have trouble loading the resource pack and everything either turning black or invisible (except NPC's, Players, and nametags)
      1. ShootingFor3
        Hello CowlessTheEpic,

        If you are having troubles with the resource pack we have some steps that you can take to fix it.
        For your specific issue it might just require optifine. I recommend getting optifine and trying to rejoin. If not please start a conversation with me. :)
        Feb 21, 2018 at 11:47 PM
    2. Bossman7575
      can you please read my appeal i am asking again please
    3. Bossman7575
      can you read my appeal sir
    4. Katie Carlo
      Katie Carlo
      hey, I'm on pokefind skyblock and AaronX0G made my balance -1.4bil plz can u fix this, I was at 1bil exactly EDIT: my username is bettypoo also I'm sending this to loads of members but plz reply
    5. XD001ShadowLugia
      WOW AN ANIMATED Profile Picture HOW
    6. Smokin_dank
      Hi my name is Marco irl. I've been banned permanently for an inappropriate name "CrispyFatAzz", but this was weeks ago. I shared my account with my brother and he changed the name but, now we have our own accounts and I changed my name to something better. Please unban me thanks
    7. IWasMuted:(
      Kuro my bro it is KidFurry suppp
    8. Canadianrainbow
      Hey i used to play pokefind but i got rid of my PC, and i just got a new one and when i try to join the server it says "sorry, failed to load your data! please contact a staff member" is there anyway you could help me? I've asked a moderator but they told me to contact and admin.
    9. PegasusKeeper379
      Kuro can u pls help me I am banned and I am sorry and I want to play pokefind again can u somehow unban me, thank u in advance IGN: PegasusKeeper379
    10. TheFlashPlayz08
      Can you help me i did the west water ways but i never got a mystical water i think there is something wrong with the quest
    11. FuzionRewind
      You banned me for No reason when I was showing you something that happened to me and I got perm banned and I don't have a hacked client and I can't because I was on my dad's Computer this is TechnoBladeJrJR for IGN and can I see if it fixed or not this glitch happened on 12/3/2017
    12. ChadSkyFire
      on Sundees video he said to leave a comment and i would get a egg and havent gotten the egg yet just was wondering if that was fake or real?
    13. able
      something happened with my credit card and i had to dispute all charges and that included paypal so i was banned for chargeback my i plz be Unbanned this is the only fun server i have HELP
    14. Gavriel
      hello Kuro_xGx can you unban me i swear to god that i won't fly or hack so please and all my friends told me to get unbanned and this is the only good server i have so please unban me i beg you!!
    15. Gladiola
    16. Star_Lord_
      I have been banned for no apparent reason.I have been kicked for flying but that is lag. I have even bought things on this server.I spent money on this server too. Pls i love this server and if u can help me that would be amazing.Reason: Chargeback You won't play battle royale ;).Expire time: Permanent. I find this ridiculous as i didn't do anything wrong.If this isn't a ban appeal tell me how to do 1.
    17. Ethab
      I've recently been permanently muted on the PokeFind Server for Heavy Advertisement, I've spent a lot of time and money on this server and I was wondering if I could be unmuted, I wont Advertise or break any rules again I didn't think of the consequences when I typed the message. Thanks in advance, my username is TPG_Roborex
    18. cam3000
      I'm on scyther slicer challenge and I have no scyther but i have all 64 wood and i can't complete it.
      (I dont know how but i must have clicked it)
      if you can help that would be great Thanks
    19. TBNRflames
      I cant log on to the server for some reason, it says failed to load data, contact staff. . I hope you can help. i already contacted a moderator
    20. bobthebuilder514
      im am stuck behind a wall in the bird quest i really need help
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