May 2, 2017
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<3 May 5, 2017

    1. jacob westervelt
      jacob westervelt
      can you let me know what the correct format is so that way i can do another in 2 weeks and it can be right
    2. donutlover12
      hello mrsnaz i have an question about my apply as staff what is missing to it so i can change it or do it in my next apply over 2 weeks
    3. puggie1987
      Sorry for talking in three texts um was everything else fine just my age because I am turning 14 this weekend
    4. puggie1987
      Please reply as soon as possible
    5. puggie1987
      Hi I just applied for the staff team and see that you have replied with the age not high enough how 14 do you need to be because I turn 14 this weekend so do I need to be like in the middle of 14 or I can apply again once I am 14 or have to wait 2 weeks?
    6. Minutes
      "MrsNaz is not following you" This must be a bug?
    7. HyruleanMyth
    8. Arthur Beasley
      Arthur Beasley
      Have I not met the requirements
    9. Arthur Beasley
      Arthur Beasley
      did I apply correct I was really confused and I tried my best is there a staff rank I can apply for
    10. Slender04Dragon
      MrsNaz, your my favorite staff member
      1. MrsNaz likes this.
      2. MrsNaz
        Thank you <3
        Sep 4, 2017
    11. __CuteLikeCake__
      Dear MrsNaz I Tried To Join The Server More then 7 Times
      First time i tried with 1.12 it had a long error
      Then 1.11 it had that error too
      Then i used 1.10 it timed out What I should Do i really Want to play PokeFind

      - __CuteLikeCake__
      1. MrsNaz
        It may be an issue with the resource pack, or with your connection. I use 1.11.2 myself but you can go to 1.10+ and try it out again.
        Sep 4, 2017
    12. noahnal
      Today i just logged in on poke find and it said: YOU ARE BANNED reason Inapproiate Name - change and appeal, expire time permanent. Pls help me my username is Noahnal and its nothing wrong with it, the only thing i did was changing my username from 13ober. pls unban me or explain why I'm banned
    13. AshDubh
      I have asked for a youtube rank now and im done filling everything out and i have all the requierments and all that, but can you check it out and maybe get me the rank?

      My YT channel is:
      Discord: KrassowTG #3599
      Minecraft name: Xx_Krassow_xX
    14. KasonPlayzMC
      Did I make mod?
    15. watermelonOWO
      why i still not get unban ID:watermelonOWO,i got ban because i was click too fast?or have an other reasons?
    16. watermelonOWO
      Why am I being permanent banned while playing?I had not hacked. Please check with my ID : watermelonOWO.unban me quickly please,i love this sever
    17. 紫小鬼
      Thank you for being willing to help me unlock but ID: blinos60170 id: bot8319 not being unlocked
    18. MilkteaAZ
      Please unban me ...
    19. 紫小鬼
      I eat gold apple pvp I will dodge Why i will be ban I did not open the illegal program Why i will be ban I have three accounts Because it did not do anything and was banned So can you lift the ban? (GOOGLE translation do not understand sorry) (ID:Dog_heroes Now changed to Love_Ning But is forbidden Dog_heroe) Hope to help me unlock the prohibition I really did not how
    20. THA M3N
      THA M3N
      please get me unbannned
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