Breeding Revamp: How to Use Egg Incubator

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    How to Use Egg Incubator

    Hello! This is CanadianGirlEh explaining how to use egg incubator! As you may notice, there was a breeding revamp earlier this year on the 10th of January on the same time Generation 4 (Shiloh Region) was released to the public! I am sure many of you are wondering what an egg incubator is and how to use it. Well, here is the instruction below!

    1. Go to a breeding center found in any generation.

    2. Talk to Breeders Dom or Katie and choose your 2 pokemons and pay 25 tokens to start breeding.


    3. Your egg will begin breeding for 1 hour then after that, pick it up from Breeders Dom or Katie and it will be added to your egg incubator.

    4. Now you can start walking, running, or even biking to count the steps required to hatch your egg and you're done! (NOTE: Flying will NOT be count!) Make sure to right-click with the egg incubator in your hand to check the progress on how many steps left to hatch your egg! Also, you can put up to a maximum of 6 eggs in your egg incubator!


    5. You can repeat the following steps as many times as you want since your egg incubator is permanent and it does NOT break unlike in Pokemon Go! Have fun and good luck breeding! ;);)

    IMPORTANT: You CANNOT begin breeding until you have completed all 3 parts of Classy Competition Questline with Danielle in Generation 4 (Shiloh Region)!
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    thanks for making her first poke lv49
    and making the breeding system like rn