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    Welcome to the PokéFind Network's official rules.
    All rules listed below are in effect from present and apply to all ranks on all PokeFind related platforms. If you suspect a staff member is abusing their power or punishing players incorrectly, please contact an Administrator and they will deal with your issue.


    Respect all users
    PokéFind is a child friendly network and we would ask that you are mindful when speaking to others in chat.
    The use of inappropriate language (swearing) is not tolerated, including the renaming of Pokémon to an inappropriate term or name. Being abusive or discriminatory towards others is not tolerated and will result in severe consequences, just be nice!
    This includes our staff team that volunteer their own time to help and support our network. Harassing a staff member or any other user will have severe consequences and is not acceptable. Arguing with a staff member over a punishment will result in a warning, followed by a sanction if continued. If you have a problem with a staff member report them to an Administrator and if you would like unpunished, you can make an appeal on our forums. Making threats towards others, such as death/hacking/ddos and revealing others personal information will have serious repercussions.

    Hacking and Client Modifications
    The use of hacked clients/mods of any kind is not tolerated on the PokéFind network and will result in and instant removal and future denial from the network. This includes any type of spam botting.

    Advertising is not tolerated

    Advertising other minecraft networks will result in a permanent punishment. The most severe punishment includes advertising other networks, discords or forums. This includes mentioning it by name!
    Advertising your YouTube or Twitch channels is not allowed unless you have the appropriate rank to do so.
    Furthermore, linking any other site (that is not to display an appropriate image) is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly to the site linked.

    Making a machine that causes lag is prohibited
    Making a machine with intent is to cause lag or harm to the server is severely prohibited.
    Doing so will result in a severe punishment to all those involved in making the machine

    Cross-Teaming on PokeWars is not allowed
    Teaming with another player on the solo gamemode is prohibited.
    This is due to the gamemode being "SOLO" and not teams.
    Doing so will result in bans
    If you find anyone teaming with users on the Solo gamemode, please report them here with video proof.

    Building Inappropriately on PokeWars is not allowed
    Building offensive builds on PokeWars or another game-mode is severely prohibited
    This includes any offensive builds that offend a race, culture or are inappropriate for children.

    Teleport-Trapping is not allowed
    Teleport trapping includes trapping people (whereas they cant get out ex: Nether Portal) and trapping people with intent to kill them (ex:fall trap)
    If you find anyone tp-trapping users, please report them here with video proof

    Trading Ingame Items for IRL Money items is not allowed
    Trading items such as pokemon & stones for IRL money items (Eggs, Money, Ranks etc) is not allowed. First offense is a 1 week ban.

    No spamming or use of excessive capital letters
    Sending multiple messages in a short period of time, including symbols/characters more than three times in a row is not permitted.
    Sending messages in chat that contain all or a large and overused amount of capital letters that are not necessary to the sentence. [Includes but not limited to: global and team chat]

    Trolling and Impersonating
    Intentionally saying things to mislead or confuse players is not looked upon highly. Accidentally telling a user wrong information will not be seen punishable but obvious forms of annoying and trolling others will be acted upon.
    Likewise, anyone caught attempting to convince other they are a staff member is not tolerated and will be acted upon swiftly, especially with the intent to mislead/gain information.

    Exploiting glitches/bugs is prohibited
    As our server develops, bugs and glitches are to be expected. If you find a bug/glitch please report it here. If you are found to be abusing it in any way you will be punished.

    The dishonest process of decieving users of Pokémon or any other PokéFind item is not looked upon highly and is strictly prohibited. If you find anyone scamming users, please report them here with video proof.

    No Inappropriate Names/Skins/Capes
    Names, skins or capes that have inappropriate, offensive or sexually explicit content are not permitted. We are a child friendly server and ask that you do not have a name, skin or cape of these natures. Anyone that is found to have any one of the three will be removed from the network, and can appeal here once changed.


    You are responsible for your account. Your account will be punished if it is caught breaking the rules listed above even if it is not you using the account at the time. No exceptions will be made and appeals made with this excuse will be denied.
    Using an alternative account to avoid a punishment is forbidden and your alternative account will receive a similar punishment to the one of your main account.

    If you would like to report a player:
    If you would like to report a bug/glitch:
    If you would like to appeal a punishment:
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