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  1. MineBerserker
  2. PixieIsPro
    My old account (Pixie...) had the wrong date ;-;
  3. Pixie...
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  5. Terrier_Paws
  6. FelixBaumiester
  7. FelixBaumiester
  8. CME_9
    "My name is my name alone, and like another thousand people's."
  9. EEVEE-rything
  10. FishyBoyy
    I know a lot about Pokémon.
  11. Plomarco
    Plomarco emslayy
    I recently applied for staff and the last time I applied for staff was July 14 so can I apply on July 28 or will I have to wait until August 5
  12. LilWolff24
    Got into Pokefind, then Pokémon Go, then Pokefind again, then redownloaded Pokémon Go, then got into Pokefind again. And I’m here to stay
  13. OVO2008
  14. Cap
  15. Squiyn
    eeecks dee
  16. TheLavaBurner
    Hungry, nearly broke. All spent on Pokefind
  17. TheLavaBurner
    Happy Merry Broke
  18. aliyan8
    Just a person who likes pokefind.
  19. Beowulfx420
    Beowulfx420 !(Luk)!
    Hey I got something to say.
    I was talking to one of your JR MODS Zorvoan and he broke rule number 9 no cussing not even censerd cussing and I took a few SC of him cussing like Fking idk if that is not aloud but I think it is msg me back for the SC thanks. -Beowulfx420 and If I don't respond I might be on Sky block. Btw I will need help getting to the SC bc idk how xD
  20. TheJolteon27