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  1. ndlestrat_2007
    my mincraft username is NLS2015
  2. _Bunstop_
    29/09/18 - 06/09/19 it was a great run, but who says it can't happen again
  3. Baeporeon
  4. TheRealLotzo
    Pokemon Trainer -> Pro
  5. MrDerpy(PoPtartz)
    Switched accounts
  6. TheRealLotzo
    Cashpra, best Pokemon trainer. Better than anyone else
  7. _Bunstop_
    existing on earth
  8. MineBerserker
  9. PixieIsPro
    My old account (Pixie...) had the wrong date ;-;
  10. Pixie...
  11. Terrier_Paws
  12. Terrier_Paws
  13. FelixBaumiester
  14. FelixBaumiester
  15. CME_9
    "My name is my name alone, and like another thousand people's."
  16. EEVEE-rything
  17. FishyBoyy
    I know a lot about Pokémon.
  18. Plomarco
    Plomarco emslayy
    I recently applied for staff and the last time I applied for staff was July 14 so can I apply on July 28 or will I have to wait until August 5
  19. LilWolff24
    Got into Pokefind, then Pokémon Go, then Pokefind again, then redownloaded Pokémon Go, then got into Pokefind again. And I’m here to stay
  20. OVO2008