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May 2, 2017
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Apr 27, 2024
    1. Eivets500
      @Zorvoan Oh wait!! Don’t Boop in naz Profile!!!! Booping is not allowed!!
    2. Eivets500
    3. Zorvoan
    4. Eivets500
    5. Otis
      i need help with logging in the server
      please help me
    6. WinnieLove
    7. Baeporeon
      hiya :)
      1. UmmMinez
        hi xd
        Aug 17, 2018
    8. Tao
      Hey so when i try to join the PokeFind sever it said "Sorry failed to load your data! Please contact a member or staff." so can you please help me. Thanks!
      1. ShootingFor3
        Hello Tao,

        What is your In Game Name? I will try to get it fixed ASAP!
        Aug 2, 2018
    9. Addlwasd
      Hi I am wondering how long being accepted or denied as staff will take. Thank you!
      1. Pars2000
        About 2 weeks for your first 'Stage One' and usually a lot longer for the rest.
        Jul 1, 2018
    10. aKaTaZ_
      Hi MrsNaz! I am in need of help to allow me to get back to my Legendary Abduction Quest. For some reason it doesn't allow me to go back to the Quest and said that they are facing some problems in getting back the original saved data. Please help and save back my Quest. Thank you!
    11. Katie Carlo
      Katie Carlo
      hey, I'm on pokefind skyblock and AaronX0G made my balance -1.4bil plz can u fix this, I was at 1bil exactly EDIT: my username is bettypoo also ban aaronX0G
    12. XD001ShadowLugia
      How do i change my username on forums
      1. MsNaz
        Message me what you want it to be :)
        Feb 3, 2018
    13. AsianBoi
      Hi Mrs Naz, for some reason in my personal details place in my profile it says I was born in the year 2000. And it’s wrong, underneath it says to contact an administrator so can u help me? Thanks!
      1. MsNaz
        Of course, please start a conversation with me and we will clear it up.
        Feb 3, 2018
        AsianBoi likes this.
      2. AsianBoi
        Ok Thanks how do u start conversation? (On the forums)
        Feb 4, 2018
    14. EnderTwisted
      Hi. I bought a rank and I haven't gotten it and it's been a while since I bought it. What do I do?
    15. Asoja20
      There was a Christmas Absol that spawned and everyone went for it. After a while I caught it, but then the server said I was kicked to make room for a donater. So I logged in again and when I checked my pc it was gone. Please help.
      1. MsNaz
        Contact [email protected] with evidence that you have owned the absol previously as without the evidence nothing can be done.
        Dec 27, 2017
    16. Kadeeno
      Hi, it says I've run out of island resets on skyblock, but I just am playing on someone elses island. I really love the game. Is it possible I could have another try? Thanks!
      1. MsNaz
        Contact me on the PokeFind Discord and we will sort this out! :)
        Dec 27, 2017
    17. Rodolfo Palos
      Rodolfo Palos
      I have been playing on this server a few months. I have been trying to purchase a rank from the store, but even before I enter my credit card details/paypal, It tells me I cannot check out because of too many chargebacks. I have tried contacting buycraft and got no response. I only want to try and fix the issue on this server. I have NEVER chargebacked. And hopefully you can fix the issue... thanks. IGN:PALOS114
      1. MsNaz
        You need to get into contact with Buycraft, check the Resolution Center on your payment method to see what chargebacks are open, and close them.
        Dec 27, 2017
    18. skander
      pls can you contact the admins to get the ressource pack downloading on the website because when a server sends a ressource pack minecraft crashes pls
    19. fireninja7472684
      You put on my staff application that having not enough detail when I had 2 and a half paragraphs for the ones were you said 2-33 paragraphs how does it not have enough detail
    20. XD001ShadowLugia
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    Feb 7, 1996 (Age: 28)