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All purchasing/store issues must be sent to [email protected]. Aug 27, 2017

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    1. Boltdog03
      i have been ban for chargeback one of your mods told my friend if i get rid of the request for chargeback i could be off the hook i did and im still ban why is this pls help and the only reason i was trying to find help was because i didn't get 3 eggs i purchased
    2. nado005
      Hello I get muted for Heavy Adverstiement (Permanent)Please!!I'm sorry What i did Pls un mute me(I want to talk again)
    3. Gladiola
      Can I have my island back.....? I was banned for a day for "glitch abuse (assist)" because Andi931's gengar wouldn't stop evolving. It wasn't our fault, how would we know that it would glitch. When I was unbanned I went onto skyblock (like always) and my island was gone.... I was 25k level. With a zapdos (that I paid for).... Where is all my progress? Can I have it back? I worked hard for it! I had so much! SO MUCH
    4. nado005
      Hello SerVer Owner I got muted for ever I think),I want to get unmuted (It was my problem that iget muted Im sorry So Sorry I will never do it again)Pls un Mute me nick name is (nado005)
    5. Ryley
      hello if you can help me i was banned for nothing and i would really like to go back on the server my username is pennywise_7917
      so if you can help that would be amazing
    6. Jude04
      PeteZa i have a problem in pokemon world where i have been muted when i log out and then log in and i did not do anything pls unmute me
    7. Jack2006Steve
      and when i came back all the grunts were gone it says the mission is currently going on i went back to the proffesor in the lab and nothing happened i tried going to my leader nothing.
      plz help its driving me nuts i got so far and cant finish.
      P.S. my username is the same as my fourms name
      sry for being so long
    8. Jack2006Steve
      Read this post befor the one above
      Hello PeteZa i have found a weird glitch or something (idk if this has been reported or not) I was doing the legendary bird challenge thing and had defeated the 4th or 5th rocket grunt and my friend logged on and asked if i could trade haunter for haunter to get gengar and trade back we traded and both got each others gengar but it would not let me send /trade agian so i relogged.
    9. Star_Lord_
      PeteZa i have been banned for no apparent reason. I don't hack, i have been kicked for flying a few times due to lag. I haven't cheat in my life and i have even bought things on this server. Why would i send money if there is a chance that i get banned. Pls i love this server and if u can help me that would be amazing. I don't swear or do anything that can get me kicked so please.
    10. maxm4468
      it said charge back commands is the reason
    11. maxm4468
      Hi peteZa i got banned for no reason and if i did something wrong or broke the rules i am very sorry for what i did. If you could unbanned me i would really appreciate and if i do something else that gets me banned don't un banned me but for just his time may you please un banned me because i am not sure what happened. my minecraft username is: Angle_Fish
    12. maxm4468
      hi peteza

      This morning i woke up to go on poke find when i logged in it said that i was permanently banded from the server Poke find server is one of my favourite games and i just was wondering may you please un banned me so i can play and play with my friends on it. Would really appreciate it

      my Minecraft username: Angle_Fish

      kind regards max murray
    13. Doctor_Rocket
      I made bad decisions and need a refund on all the items i bought from the shop if that is at all possible
      1. maxm4468
        you will loose everything
        Oct 25, 2017
      2. Doctor_Rocket
        ok but is it possible and if so how?
        Oct 26, 2017
    14. spinzxo_ninja
      hey wat server is it 1.8?
    15. DaSavage
      same problem as bobthebuilder514
    16. bobthebuilder514
      im am stuck behind a wall in the bird quest i really need help
    17. thatdevanguy
      Hi i have same problem as Battle_Sword i left that island to heal my pokes and now i cant leave that room my game didnt save and now i cant finish that quest couz im stuck :(
    18. Battle_Sword
      Hi my minecraft name is Battle_Sword my team rocket quest is glitched. After the last grunt till jesse and james i left to heal in the room with them then when i rejoined rocket HQ i was in the room with them and the door was shut and i couldnt get back because it said i had to battle the grunt again and im stuck in the room now
    19. Miners_Mindy
      Hello i don't know if i'm doing this right but a player of the name dinoboy134 joined poke find server 9 October 13, 2017. He was trading with Cowgomoo and decided not to give back his Pokemon I think Dinoboy134 should be punished for this it is Mean and Stupid. If you need further information i'm your gal.
    20. Gewoonjarne24
      can you unbann me pls iam banned for the glitch in pokewars pls unbann me i love your server my name is gewoonjarne24
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