a 5 moves Haunter

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    Jan 11, 2018
    I breeded a haunter some days ago, and it got hatched today, i held a exp share to him and battle npc. When i beat a pokemon, he got exp and is able to learn confused ray & sucker punch, after i beat next pokemon, it got enough exp and can evlo during the battle, i let him evlo then i stuck at battle (the npc didn't take next pokemon out), so i do /pokeworld back to pworld lobby, i entered gen2 again then i see he have 5 moves.

    btw even he have 5 moves, he can only use 4 moves except sucker punch.After this, i get stuck at battles when he get enough exp (by exp share) to learn another move (Ex: when he reached lvl33 can learn shadow ball, but i didn't see the menu to let him learn shadow ball, also i'll stuck in battle after he's lvl 33.)

    My English is bad :p, so don't judge too hard.

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