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    Feb 14, 2017
    Hello, Trainers!

    If you have a Youtube channel or Twitch channel and would like to make videos/live stream, the rank would give you some commands across our network such as the ability to vanish or nick, which would make it easier to record or live stream.

    Please note that only the creator of the account will receive the YouTube rank.
    Applications should only be submitted if all requirements listed below are met. Each applicant is reviewed by the PokéFind management team and the YouTube rank will be awarded on a case by case basis, meeting the requirements does not guarantee you a rank.


    If you meet all the requirements listed below,


    (You must meet all of these requirements in order to even be considered for the rank.)

      • Channel must be appropriate (the odd swear is fine but please keep it within reason)
      • Minimum of 2,000 legitimate subscribers on your channel
      • Minimum of at least 300+ views within a few days of release
      • At least one video uploaded on the PokéFind Network in the past month
    What Happens After I Get The Rank?

    (What to expect once your application has been processed and the result determined.)

    To keep your rank on the PokéFind Network, you will need to release a minimum of 2 videos a month on PokéFind, or contact a Manager if you are to take a break between seasons.

    When playing on PokéFind you will be held to the same standards of players when it comes to our rules, and Staff will treat you as such-depending on the severity of what rules are breached, we also hold the option to take your rank at any time should we deem it necessary.

    We look forward to your application.
    Please message message Kuro_xGx on the PokéFind Discord if you have any questions.
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