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Discussion in 'Help' started by ZombByeGod, Mar 16, 2017.

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  1. ZombByeGod

    ZombByeGod Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2017
    So ya. The absence of a search bar has annoyed a lot of people and created a lot of similar posts. So the staff made this post: FAQ - Questions And Answers - Frequently ask. Which has gotten outdated because the staff probable is busy with stuff. So I made this post which is up to date with PokeFind that MrWaffleFries can use to update that guide. I keep this post until a real search bar comes out. Which then will make this post useless. This also includes some question I seen people ask in the server multiple times. I have categorized the Q/A so it will be easier to find them.


    Common Answered Questions:

    Q: Didn't Receive a Starter / Lost A Pokemon Through Some Glitch
    A: Talk to Arron on Discord with proof. (Aaron#2242)

    Q: Didn't get the stuff you brought
    A: Talk to Arron on Discord. (Aaron#2242)

    Q: Can't Connect To PokeFind
    A: Have The Real Version Of Minecraft And Play On Version 1.10+

    Q: Can you put an item on a pokemon?
    A: Currently No But That Update Will Come Soon.

    Q: When Will Generation 2 Come Out?
    A: Currently The Staff Is Busy With Bug And Other Updates But It Will Eventually Come Out. Be Patient .

    Q: How To Trade With Players:
    A: Type /Trade (Player Name).

    Q: Can You Evolve Pokemon That Require Trade?
    A: Yes, Either Through The Mystery Man For 100k Or Trading With A Player.

    How Do I (Blank):

    Q: Join A Team?
    A: Become Level 5 And Click On A Gym Leader.

    Q: Battle Other Players?
    A: Through Your Pokemon Next To There. It Will Send A Battle Request.

    Q: Get Out Of A 2 Block Deep Hole?
    A: Type /spawn And report the bug.

    Q: Release A Pokemon?
    A: Go To Your PC And Click The Item At The Bottom Right Corner. Then Click On Pokemon You Wish To Delete.

    Q: Teleport To Other Cities?
    A: Ryder (Found Near Spawn) Can Teleport You To Any City For A Small Price Or Buy Elite Rank.

    Q: Hatch An Egg?
    A: Go To The Nearest PokeCenter And Use The Incubator To Hatch Any Type Of Egg.

    Where Can You Find (Blank):

    Q: Coins?
    A: Selling Items Or Gym Reward.

    Q: Tokens?
    A: Vote Or Gym Reward.

    Q: Potions And Pokeballs?
    A: Pokestops or PokeMart.

    Q: Experience?
    A: Defeat Other Pokemon, Gym Reward And Voting.

    Q: Fire Stones/Water Stones/ Leaf Stones/Moon Stones/Thunder Stones?
    A: Pokestops, Mystery Man, Gym Reward.

    Q: Eggs
    A: Rare Chance In While Voting Or Purchase From Shop.

    Q: Mystery Man:
    A: Join The Discord Which Report Mystery Man Sightings.

    Q: Bikes?
    A: Purchase From Shop Or Buy From Chromium City.

    Q: Hats?
    A: Purchase From Shop.

    Where Can You Catch (Blank):

    Q: (Insert Any Rare Pokemon Here)?
    A: Join The Discord Which Report Rare Pokemon Sightings.

    Q: (Insert Any Uncommon Pokemon Here)?
    A: Use The Map To Find Pokemon Spawn Areas:

    Q: Shiny Pokemon?
    A: You Can't. They Can Only Hatch From Eggs.

    What Do (Blank) Do?

    Q: Coins?
    A: You Can Use It In The PokéMart, Buy Berries And Check IV/EV And NPC's.

    Q: Hats?
    A: Make You Look Cooler.

    Q: Bikes?
    A: Make You Faster Depending On The Type Of Bike.

    Q: Tokens?
    A: Currency Which Allows You To Buy Stones And Bikes.

    How Much Does (Blank) Cost:

    Q: Fire Stone?
    A: 80 Tokens

    Q: Water Stone?
    A: 60 Tokens

    Q: Thunder Stone?
    A: 100 Tokens

    Q: Leaf Stone?
    A: 80 Tokens

    Q: Moon Stone?
    A: 60 Tokens

    Q: Trading From Mystery Man?
    A: 120 Tokens

    Q: Bikes?
    A: 350 Tokens

    All NPC's:

    PokeCenter Lady: Heals Your Pokemon For Free. One Found In Every City.

    PokeMart Guy: Buy And Sell Him Items. One Found In Every City.

    Ryder: Teleport's You To Any City You Already Visited For Coins. Found Near Spawn.

    Mad_Hatter: Equip And Unequip Hats You Already Brought. Found Near Spawn.

    Captain_Benry: Takes You To Aether Village For Gold. Found South Of Spawn.

    Aunty_Alma: Sells Berries And Shows Ev To Player For Coins.

    Rydel: Allows You To Use Rail Cart To The Top Of The Volcano. Found In Amber City.

    Mystery Man: Sells And Buys Stones As Well As Help Trade Evolve Pokemon For Tokens.

    This is most of the stuff. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and if enough people ask them then I will add it to the list. Enjoy :D
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  2. ZombByeGod

    ZombByeGod Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2017
    Would anyone mind moving this post to help forum?
  3. KaseemS

    KaseemS Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2017
    Post moved to help. By the way there was a FAQ.
  4. ZombByeGod

    ZombByeGod Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2017
    Yes, I know. But its outdated. So this is like a update for it.
  5. Madara_

    Madara_ Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2017
    It is going to updated, thanks for your help.
  6. ZombByeGod

    ZombByeGod Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2017
    Wow, I can't believe I helped the staff. Your Welcome :D.
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  7. Kiiko

    Kiiko New Member

    Apr 5, 2017
    You can now put items on pokemon so you might want to update that. Also if im correct you have to be at Trainer Level 10 to be able to trade so it would be useful to add more infomation for that question.
  8. Mast3rf0g

    Mast3rf0g Well-Known Member

    Feb 11, 2017
    Common Answered Questions: Update question 4 and 7 Please