Gen 2 Safari Zone Bugged Areas.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by JolteonRoyalty, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Feb 15, 2019
    Recently with the addition to /cbattle season 1, i have thought about raising more competitive Pokemon. Some pokemon have hidden abilities in safari zone and the one i want in particular does not spawn anymore. I know this because i used Wackadragon's Safari Zone Spawns and Hidden Abilities Guide, to assist with finding the pokemon i need in the right location. The locations on this guide held true when the safari zone was first released but yesterday as i started looking for a certain pokemon, i found that the pokemon was no longer able to spawn and other pokemon from different colored locations( as seen in Wacks guide) swarmed in and took the spawn spot for themselves. For example, Pink areas showing exclusive pokemon to pink areas, no longer only spawn pokemon in the pink area, but rather pokemon from different colored areas as well. The bug is pokemon are spawning differently than the guide has once truly stated. As well as the bug that certain pokemon no longer spawn due to the overlapping of the bug i mentioned above. So Im seeing milktanks and rhyhorns and houndours in pink areas and no longer see murkows in that area but im suppose to see murkrows and not milktanks, rhyhorns and houndours in pink areas. I also searched other colored areas to see if murkow changed colored locations but i did not have any luck with finding a single one during my visit to the safari zone yesterday. So now the pokemon i want to raise for competitive battling, has to forcibly wait until the bug is fixed.