Good After Noon

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bradk, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. bradk

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    Nov 24, 2017
    Hey Do u Remember Me?

    Anyway i Had A Few Months To Think About My Actions And Im Sorry For Hacking On Pokefind. You Don't Need To Unban me I Know What I Did wrong And I Just Wanna Say Sorry Cause i Don't Want to Go Out on a Wrong Note With The entire Pokefind staff Team. So I Hope you Guys Continue To Grow in Together in The Future. Love You All Thanks To The Whole Staff Team To Helping Me Out while I Was Playing On Pokefind. Also a Good Luck to My Fellow Players Have a Wonderful Time on Pokefind The community Is Amazing. <3 <3 <3
  2. Adam_Blue

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    Apr 19, 2017
    Wow, it takes a big person to admit that they're wrong. It takes an even bigger person to apologize for their mistake. We all make mistakes, don't let the past get to you. We all have had our moments, good and bad. I hope you continue to grow as a person in the future. I know this reply is late, but I thought I might as well respond anyways. Feel free to dm me anytime on discord at BlueCuine#9569.