Happiness & how it works (fixed)

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    Happiness is a number between 0 and 255 that gauges how friendly a Pokémon is towards its trainer.

    Every Pokémon starts with a base happiness, which will change based on certain events:
    • Leveling up the Pokémon will raise happiness.
    • Letting the Pokémon faint will lower happiness..
    • Trading the Pokémon will reset its happiness to 70.
    • Applying "Ev Berries" to your pokemon.

    - Generally, Pokemon Evolve around 220 Happiness. Can easily vary though.
    HOW Happy is the pokemon on catch?:
    Which Pokemon require happiness to evolve?:
    ➤ Currently the eeveelutions are RANDOM, 50/50 chance for Umbreon and Espeon, UNLESS you give eevee a certain name to guarantee a certain evolution! (Confirmed)
    - Tamao for Umbreon
    - Sakura For Espeon
    (Do NOT rename the Eevee, Tamao and Sakura in a colored font as it will not confirm the evolution)

    *Everyone with rank Pro+ can now use /happiness for a number value*

    There is now a HAPPINESS NPC! Here's the Number Range your pokemon's happiness is in based on the message she gives you! She can be found over the hill, behind the Funley gym, or on the path to Mt. Iron Temple!
    Happiness Aunt Bibby phrase info:
    • Oh dear. You must be a merciless Trainer... Do you use Frustration or just not know better? = 0 happiness
    • What is going on here? Do you let it get knocked out a lot in battles or something? This is bad. = 1-49 happiness
    • Hmmm... I’d say that you and your Pokémon still have a long way to go. = 50-99 happiness
    • Hmmm. I think...it feels friendly toward you. At least a little... = 100-149 happiness
    • Hm. I’d say that you and Pokémon have the potential to be an even greater combo. = 150-199 happiness
    • You clearly love your Pokémon, and you must spend a lot of time together. = 200-249 happiness
    • My! It feels incredibly close to you! Nothing makes it happier than being with you! = 250+ happiness

    Generation 2!!

    Generation 3!!

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Can you gain happiness in gen 1
    A: Yes
    Can you get happiness with leveling up by rare candy
    A: Yes
    Can you get happiness through exp shares
    A: Yes
    After my Pokemon has max happiness, can it be evolved by rare candy
    A: Yes

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    Nice post!
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    This is just my opinion, but I believe this post should either be pinned rather than or as well as the current pinned post because it has Aunty Bibby's replies and number values associated with them, something that will help us lowly nonranks a lot!