Having troubles in the new version of minecraft 1.13 on Pokefind? /Help/

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by shadyjade, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Nov 23, 2017
    If you are having trouble and lagg issues In the server
    Try Reverse back to a older version and try go back into the server then, if you are still having ongoing issues with bugs and need more advanced help please do not hesitate to contact the Team. You will be contacted back as soon as possible and we will help you find a solution on how to try fix this.

    If the reversing back to the old version of minecraft doesnt work.
    Try Check Your internet/Ping
    Maybe Have to many tabs/games open at the same time?
    Make sure the Resource pack loads : If the resource pack did not fully load close and reopen minecraft.

    Still Having trouble?
    Contact Our team Within Discord and we will try resolve the issues

    Thank you all :D
    Enjoy the Magical Adventures On The world of pokefind :oops::cool: