How to Make Money in Skyblock 2.0

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  1. TopDensity

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    Sep 20, 2017
    Hello all, I am here to make a guide on how to make money in the new Skyblock. I have had people ask me how to progress in Skyblock without having to buy eggs or crate keys. I would just like to quickly mention that all videos I added are safe and don't have swearing in them.

    1. The first way of making money quickly is by AFK mining, AFK mining is where you make a cobble stone generator and change your hit button to space bar, to do so please look at the directions below.

    First hit Controls which brings you to the picture below.


    When you see this screen you then change click on Button 1 and then click on your space bar, it will appear red but don't worry. When you do change it to the space bar you are not able to jump so you want to be near to your cobblestone generator.

    After you have changed your left click to space you are then ready to build a cobblestone a generator,is a tutorial on how to make a simple cobblestone generator. As things get more advanced there are more difficult generators to make that can be more effective, to find them just search for them on YouTube and you will find a wide variety of generators to build.

    Now, why this method is actually effective, personally I sell iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds. Here of each price and as a stack:

    After you make $5,000,000 not only from this but the other ways below you can then buy Rhyhorn which is a more effective and quicker way to obtain ores. Rhyhorn works well with Geodudes because they spawn in different ores.

    2. The next way of making money is actually quite a gamble as it is literally a gamble, that way is the lottery. Below is how you enter the lottery:

    To first enter, you have to do /lottery which pulls up the screen below, you then can buy a maximum of 10 tickets ($10,000).

    Now before all of you blow your money on the lottery, obviously it isn't the most effective way to make money and it definitely pays off when you win it, it still isn't the most effective because there is no guarantee.

    3. The last way of making money is through crops, at the moment crops don't sell for what I personally view for they are and I have suggested increasing the prices. Some crops that make pretty good money right now is sugarcane, to create a farm for it, here is a tutorial:

    As well as this there are a few other ways of making money such as cactus, cactus isn't to the best of its ability right now but hopefully will receive an upgrade soon.

    I hope you have enjoyed this mini guide and if you have found any other ways of making money, please feel free to post it below and other than that, goodluck on your skyblock island!
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    Wow great post! :eek:
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    Thanks! This helps me a lot!
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