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  1. Philipinhors

    Philipinhors New Member

    Feb 28, 2017
    List of Ideas v 1.1

    Hello. My name is BananaPixel and I'm going to show you things that LOTS of PokéFind server players want, but just showed for 8 people so I could test it. Also, I will say if it was added in the right side of the idea. :D

    Friend and Party System

    This is one of the most requested feature in all the server. Basically, a /party or /friend system that would make people add and bring them with all eternity (or nah). This would make trainers be more free and more likely to join server with friends.

    - Good idea! As you said, lots of people want that, and I hope they make it.

    TMs and HMs

    As I said, this is something people really want. With it, people without ranks can go to Pokémon Center and Cities faster using Fly, or making a Pokémon learn a move that would certainly combine with your moveset. The way you could earn them is by Mystery Man or by Pokémon (they would drop).

    Implement of Shiny Pokémon in the wild

    This is personally my idea, and people seemed to like it, some people even said "Hype". The idea would consist on chaining a Pokémon you would fight (An item could be added to make Pokémon call for an ally Pokémon, like Adrenaline Orb), and after chains, you would find a Shiny (or nah). Chances can be bigger if they added a Shiny Charm item.

    Make eggs foundable on PokéStops

    This may sound silly, but a lot of people can't afford buying eggs, and being able to find them at PokéStops would make everything easy. Of course, they would be rare anyway.

    Rare Egg: 1 in 500 PokéStops
    Epic Egg: 1 in 4000 PokéStops
    Shiny Egg: 1 in 50000 PokéStops

    Chances could change though, I'm not good at rarity stuff :p

    Starter Pokémon being found in the wild

    Now this is really asked for people. Starters can only be hatched from eggs, and eggs can only be purchased at the store, but then, you can't get them for free. Even with the idea of founding eggs at the PokéStop, it will take a long time, because you can't only hatch starters, there are other Pokémon, like Shiny Gyarados and Snorlax. I really think they need to be added on wild, even with a low chance, because people that want a stronger starter won't take too much time to find it.

    Translate the server

    This is probably the idea that will take a LONG time to produce, but it would be interesting if the ADMINs could make adaptions for other languages, such as Spanish. That would make the server be international too.

    These were my ideas (that people probably already suggested), now the ideas that other people have

    Event: Mystery Man gets arrested.

    Credits: upload_2017-3-3_17-8-0.png EXPERT Oreoq

    The idea is pretty simple. The people that purchased the rank (Pro, Expert, Elite, Champion, Legendary) could join this event. The Mystery Man would be arrested in a random place (two security guards would be next to him, in a random place), and people have to fight the security guards (Proportional to your level) and save him. As a reward, he gives you a stone of your choice, and you can choose to fight him. If you win, you get coins and some Tokens.

    Making scam bannable

    Credits: upload_2017-3-3_17-7-16.png CHAMP Tilly

    People love to scam people for good items and Pokémon, but the idea consists that, if the person is catched scamming, it will be banned (for a period of time or permanently, if done several times).
    Tip: Do not accept trades if you don't trust the person enough.

    I'm still waiting for ideas that you will send. Tell in the coments an idea that can be added and your critics about something. Also, if you're criticizing about another person's idea, talk to him and then to me. o/

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  2. MysticDoesPvp

    MysticDoesPvp Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2017
    I liked the idea because it can has whole lot of Potential and I can defintley see this being added into pokefind <3. Some of these ideas have already been suggested and probably being worked on right now
  3. MyLauren

    MyLauren New Member

    Feb 26, 2017
    Most of these were already suggested and under development as we speak
  4. Philipinhors

    Philipinhors New Member

    Feb 28, 2017
    I know. That's why I added a place where you can send your ideas. I just created a thread putting all the ideas they "want".