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  1. TopDensity

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    Sep 20, 2017
    So I've decided to make this guide because I noticed that so many guides are outdated and some of them aren't even accessible anymore, hope this guide was helpful!
    Thanks to @ShootingFor3 for helping me!

    General Questions
    Q: Who is the owner?
    A: MCFinest_Danny is the owner, if you want to see the whole staff team you can go here.

    Q: What is the community like on this server?
    A: In my opinion it's great. Everyone is willing to help people and work together, the big community may be frightening at first but everyone is super nice, nothing like your first day of high school ;)

    Q: Does PokeFind have any social media?
    A: We have Twitter and Discord

    Q: How do I get a forum role on the Forums?
    A: To get a forum role you have to be active on the discord and achieve a certain amount of messages to get each role, the list of roles and messages needed is below:
    New Member - 0
    Member - 50
    Active Member - 100
    Well-Known Member - 250
    Crazy Active Member - 500
    UBER Active Member - 1000
    Forums Master - 2000
    Exclusive Forums Master - 3000

    Q: What can I do to support the server?
    A: Supporting goes in many ways, playing already supports us a lot, if you want to do more than that, voting helps a lot and you will even get items in-game in return, you could also donate money to the server and get ranks etc..

    Q: What is the support email?
    A: [email protected]

    Q: How do I vote?
    A: In game you can do /vote with this you will get 5 vote links going to the sites you can vote and this will help the server as well as get you obtainable items in=game.

    Store / Purchase Questions
    Q: How do I go to the store?
    A: You can find it here

    How long does it take to receive the items I purchased?
    A: This will mostly take up to 15 minutes, sometimes it could take longer though, if you haven't received your items after an hour please email support. Email is: [email protected]

    Q: Can I transfer the items I purchase to another account?
    A: No you can not, we don't offer any transfers of ranks / commands / items (such as eggs). There is a strict rule about doing in-game deals for ranks and I highly advise not to mess with it.

    Can I see the prices in my currency?
    A: Yes! When you are in the store, in the right column it will have an A like symbol, if you click on this you can change it to the currency you need.

    Q: What payment methods do you offer?
    A: We have paysafecard, PayPal, and most credit cards.
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    Sep 20, 2017
    Rules and Punishment Guidelines
    Q: Where can I find the rules?
    A: For our in-depth rules you can go here or just read my brief summary of the rules here but it is highly recommended you read the link.

    Q: I saw someone break a rule but there isn't any staff to deal with it, what do I do?
    A: Staff members can't always be online, if you see anyone breaking a rule please take a screenshot or record of it and report it on the discord, the link is earlier in the guide and a guideline to report is in the discord. You can also report on the forums but the discord often gets responded to much faster. If the person breaking the rules is continuing with their rule breaking or being annoying in chat please try your best to ignore them so you won't be bothered by them. Thank you for helping the team do their job!

    I don't understand a rule, what do I do?
    A: You can always ask in chat, most players know the rules. If you still want extra certainty you can always ask someone from the staff team or read the rules!

    Q: What Mods are allowed or not allowed on the server?
    A: Unfortunately right now, there is no Allowed Mods List but anything that looks suspicious and is deemed worthy of a punishment by a Mod can get you in trouble.

    Is scamming allowed?
    A: Scamming is not allowed on the server and can result in a temporary ban from the network, to get a player punished for scamming a video needs to be taken and screenshots are not allowed in scamming reports.

    Q: Is griefing allowed?
    A: Griefing is also not allowed and an example of griefing would be destroying someone's island. Just like scamming, video proof is needed to get a player punished.

    Can I get punished for saying things that aren't allowed in Private messages?
    A: Yes, if we ever find out you or anyone said something that isn't allowed in private messages you will have to deal with the consequences as staff are trying their best to keep the server safe.

    Q: I believe I was wrongfully warned, muted or banned, what do I do?
    A: Best to do in this case is contact a higher up staff member (Senior Mod+), they will look into it. Then those staff will deal with what they find and if actually wrongfully warned, muted or banned, you will be unwarned, unmuted or unbanned. If you can't get in touch with any staff member, not on the forums, discord or in game. You can always make it in the form of a ban appeal. Please do gather evidence, if so.

    Q: I was warned, muted or banned but I didn't do anything, someone else was on my account!
    A: Your account is your own responsibility, if someone else plays on it and gets you either warned, muted or banned for something it's your fault.

    Q: Can I play on another account when I get banned for something?
    A: No, definitely not, if staff find you ban evading you will be punished.

    Q: Can I speak on another account when I get muted for something?
    A: No you can't, if staff find out you are speaking on an alt account (or signs, in books, through auctions, through ah, through party chat), to evade your mute you will be punished.

    Q: I got banned for ban evading because my brother / sister got banned, what do I do?
    A: This is called ban evading as said, this isn't allowed. As stated in the rules your account/ip is your responsibility anyone found playing on it while an account got banned on it will be banned, sometimes exceptions are made in a valid appeal.

    Q: I got muted or banned for [reason] but I haven't been warned for it before.
    A: In some cases staff don't warn at the first time breaking that rule, this would mean staff find it crossing the line way too far and that you already broke the rules in such a way that staff immediately punish with either a mute or a ban.

    Q: I found someone abusing a bug or glitching, what do I do, and can I do it too?
    A: No don't do this yourself, if you ever find anything you think shouldn't be happening or isn't meant to work like it is working please report it either here or message a staff member about it, on the forums, discord or in game. If you find someone abusing a bug or glitching in areas they shouldn't please get proof and report them.

    Q: My report hasn't been dealt with yet, what's happening?
    A: It can always take some time to deal with a report, and staff member will deal with it as soon as they can / have time.

    Q: I have been banned, where can I get an unban?
    A: You could try and make a ban appeal on the forums.

    Q: I have made a ban appeal but it hasn't been answered, why not?
    A: Ban appeals can and probably will take some time to be answered, just be patient, they will be reviewed when possible.
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    Sep 20, 2017
    Connection Questions
    Q: Everyone just got kicked including me, what's happening?
    A: This could either be a reboot or the server being down, if it didn't say in a broadcast message pr there is no heads up message from staff in chat that there was a reboot, it would mean the server is down, if this is happening please contact a staff member that's online at the moment or tag the Managers and Senior Mods in discord. It could also be that after a reboot the server never goes up again, which it should. If this is the case also please contact a staff member that's online discord at the moment so higher up staff can be alerted.

    Q: What is a reboot and when does this happen?
    A: Honestly, reboots rarely happen on PokeFind unless a gamemode is getting an update in which there will be a planned time in the discord.

    Q: I can't connect to the server, is it down?
    A: If the server is down it would most likely be under maintenance, which in the case of this happening would most likely be mentioned in our discord. This will also be the case with a server needing a reboot on another time when it normally happens. If this is not the case, it most of the time troubles on your end, which we can't be very specific about and we won't be sure how to help you with it. If it's not your own side, please try this: Try changing your DNS to (Cloudflare) or https://goo.gl/ShHup9 (Google) by following their instructions. This will also make your every day browsing faster and safer. Hopefully this helps you!

    Q: My resource pack isn't loading, what do I do?
    A: Use the guide here or look in-game as it quite frequently pops up in chat!

    Staff Questions
    Q: What is the staff team on the server at the moment?
    A: You can see the whole staff team here. This is kept up to date, and will change every time a Staff member gets Accepted, Promoted, Demoted or if they Resign.

    Q: Where can I apply for staff?
    A: I'm not going to tell you where you can apply, if you want to apply, you should be able to find it yourself instead of having staff tell you. If you can't find it yourself, you might want to spend some more time on the forums before applying. I don't want to come of as harsh but it should be something candidates should know how to do.

    Q: If I apply who can see & react on my staff application?
    A: Only Senior Mods can see your application and only Senior Mods contact you asking questions about your application.

    Q: I applied, how long will it take for my app to be reacted on or to be reviewed?
    A: It explains under the guideline but within 2 weeks of applying a Senior will either put your application into Stage One and then it can take background check and you will receive a reply when they are ready.

    Q: What are the requirements to become staff?
    A: You can find the requirements here.

    Q: Do you need a rank, Discord or Teamspeak to become staff?
    A: No you don't need a rank, having one won't improve your chances on getting staff either in any way. Only thing you need to have from those three are Discord however you do need a rank to apply for the QA team with more details about that in the discord.

    Q: What can't staff members do which members can do?
    A: Staff members can't afk and most of the time ignore people. When I say ignoring, I mean just completely ignore someone's questions in game, if you are someone who is just trying to waste our time, we can and will ignore you. If you do find a staff member ignoring you when you are just asking a question, please gather evidence and report it to a senior staff member, preferably a Manager.

    Q: A staff member is doing one of the things above or abusing their powers, what can I do?
    A: If you notice anyone on the staff team doing one of those things mentioned in the question above or abusing their powers, please get proof and report them to a senior staff member where they will be dealt with privately, sometimes you won't receive a response back.

    Q: A staff member doesn't see my message, are they afk?
    A: Most of the time this won't be the case, staff members have a really spammy chat and are most of the time helping other players as well, if they don't answer after a few times of asking please record this and send them a message in pm's, this way you could proof if they actually were afk. If they do react in pm's they were just helping other players as well. If they were afk, take your proof and report it to a senior staff as said above.

    Q: Am I allowed to message a staff member when I have a question or need help with something?
    A: Of course, this is what they are here for. Please come to the staff with all your questions. Staff don't bite and are here to improve your experience on PokeFind!

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    Sep 20, 2017
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    Awesome guide great work
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    Sep 24, 2017
    Agreed! Thanks for taking the time to make guides for pokefind for the players! <3
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    yeah this is absolutely on fleek, im sure many players will find this helpful! :)
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    Looks great!
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