Pokemon Survival Release! (New Gamemode)

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    Oct 28, 2016
    Hello all Trainers!

    The moment we all have been waiting for is now here... POKEMON SURVIVAL IS NOW OUT OF BETA! Pokemon Survival is a gamemode where Minecraft survival and Pokemon clash together. Experience Pokemon by your side as you explore and build in the Minecraft world.

    The team has been working very hard these past 2 weeks optimizing code to reduce lag, fixing reported bugs and adding new features. We are super excited to remove the Beta tag from Pokemon Survival and enter Release stage. Unfortunately for the release we will have to reset player data and the map to make it fair to all players and negate some of the bugs that occurred during the beta.

    What has added from Beta?

    - Added Gyms and Badges. You will need to defeat the Gym Leaders to progress further with your trainer level - Added access to the Nether and End
    - Added the /shop command for Pro+,.Other players have to click the Poke Mart NPC at spawn
    - Added Egg Incubator to the Pokemon Center for Eggs on the Shop https://store.pokefind.co/
    - Added Kits and requested commands for Ranks
    - Added Rotatable placement for PCs and Healing Bays
    - Fixed Whirlwind, U-Turn and other moves that work similarly that crashed battles
    - Minor additions and tweaks

    We are super excited to finally launch Pokemon Survival and we are very excited for what the future holds for this Pokemon Survival! We have a lot of ideas in the making and we will be doing frequent updates/bug fixes as per usual. Please feel free to report any bugs or make any suggestions in the PokeSurvival discord chats.

    We are also running a 30% Off Sale on Ranks and Poke Survival shop items at https://store.pokefind.co/. We will be also doing a giveaway event throughout the week where for each Egg you buy for Poke Survival, you run a chance in getting a free Legend Rank. This is something new we are trying and want to show our great appreciation for your guy's support on our hard work.

    Anyways, head on over to Pokemon Survival and let us know what you think! Hope you all enjoy and thank you for all the love and support during Beta! <3

    P.S. Running a Pokemon Survival Egg giveaway on Twitter to celebrate. Link to tweet if you are interested: https://twitter.com/PokeFindMC/status/985948815843905536