Poketracker, double/tag battles, contests...

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    Oct 26, 2020
    Hi! I have a few things to suggest. Most of them have already been suggested but I wanted to include them anyway, to show my support.

    There have been a couple instances where it took me so long to find a pokemon that it despawned before I could engage in battle. There are also times when I miss a pokemon I wanted because I either don`t know how much time is left on its timer, or there are too many pokemon between it and me for the poketracker to reach.
    In psurvival, the poketracker is a compass item. Why not have it point to the pokemon of your choice? On pworld, a compass could appear in your off-hand, or there could be other indicators on the screen.
    The second two problems aren`t that significant, so I wouldn`t object to not adding solutions to those.

    Double Battles
    I don`t think I have to say much, since this has already been heavily requested. Just this one thing: I have pairs of pokemon that I want to battle with at the same time, like my Nidorino and Nidorina, Plusle and Minun. Also, ganging up on someone with two Charizards would be awesome.

    Tag Battles
    I am very close to most of my siblings, so what better way to battle than at each others sides? I think tag battles would be a great experience to add to pokefind. It would be a new level of teamwork for trainers. And that makes me think...

    Group Quests
    Wouldn`t it be awesome to team up with other players to complete quests? I know I`m always looking for more things to do with my siblings.

    Again, heavily requested. I`d probs use a Ninetales. Also, it would be great if the opponents were other players.

    If you`re gonna add one pokemon, please let it be this one, for the sake of the eeveelution collectors. Please bring it soon!

    Breeding and Trading
    I was planning to give my bro some baby water pokemon as a surprise...

    As a conclusion, please make sure these make it to psurvival if they are added because a lot of players (including me) primarily play on there. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!