Pokeworld Honey Tree Location Guide

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  1. Kurumi_Tokisaki

    Kurumi_Tokisaki New Member

    May 11, 2019
    This guide is a simple one for people who want to farm Hidden Abilities from the newly added Honey Trees in Pokeworld. Each Generation has a Honeypot with an NPC named 'Honey' that you can purchase honey from at the cost of coins to smear on Honey Trees. Each honey lasts 10 minutes and will spawn level 5 Pokemon that will have a chance of having the Hidden Ability. Below will be the locations for the Honeypots and the Honey Trees in each generation.

    Honeypot Locations

    X:-625, Y:63, Z:307
    X:-271, Y:71, Z:900
    X:-423, Y:39, Z:-200
    X:356, Y:41, Z:619

    Honey Tree Locations

    X:-509, Y:84, Z:1270
    X:-38, Y:146, Z:-534
    X:1366, Y:67, Z:737
    X:-611, Y:63, Z:309
    X:1343, Y:71, Z:-340
    X:-224, Y:69, Z:645
    X:514, Y:68, Z:111
    X:-700, Y:96, Z:-348
    X:-51, Y:71, Z:927
    X:-595, Y:66, Z:-1107
    X:-745, Y:76, Z:194
    X:-1151, Y:100, Z:737
    X:37, Y:22, Z:-624
    X:-700, Y:48, Z:-948
    X:-682, Y:34, Z:669
    X:-289, Y:62, Z:-127
    X:-991, Y:47, Z:1000
    X:1369, Y:79, Z:-50
    X:-336, Y:30, Z:811
    X:399, Y:88, Z:97
    X:-1155, Y:33, Z:-66
    X:909, Y:72, Z:211
    X:-216, Y:31, Z:422
    X:223, Y:34, Z:840

    Hope you enjoy this Location guide :)
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  2. vElijahh

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    Apr 5, 2021
    Great guide ez to read and very smooth looking ty and helps a lot tbh. Also all done within a few hours kinda pog.
  3. TurtleBallistic

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    Jul 10, 2017
    Well done!
  4. Terrier_Paws

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    Mar 21, 2017
    Awesome! :cool:
    This will help a lot of players!
    Good work