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    Shadow Quest 4 - Shadows Emerging - is the fourth quest in the Shadow Quest line.
    Guide for the three first quests:

    Team Rocket is up to no good! They seem to have a new partner to help take over the Haikou region using Pokémon. The master of Kyogre and Groudon now feeds off of Shadow particles.

    In this guide you will find every NPC, their location and their Pokémon. The quest is divided into three parts where a new part starts whenever you brief with Michael in Findview Port. I encourage you to use the guide only when you need it, and rather explore the quest on your own first.

    Dialogues and next objectives (/questlog) are helpful to indicate where to go next. Pokémon with stat increasing moves and status moves are helpful in order to complete this quest.

    When you are battling inside the HQ, a new NPC will appear at spawn near the Pokémon Center called Shadow Ryder which will take you back inside the HQ.

    @ Findview Port (-365 36 502)
    @ Findview Port (-173 23 593)
    Lv76 Vileplume
    Lv77 Arbok
    Lv77 Golbat
    Lv78 Hypno
    @ Findview Port (-152 24 610)
    Lv80 Raticate
    Lv80 Muk
    Lv79 Sandslash
    Lv80 Marowak
    @ Targaryen Keep (838 116 264)
    Lv83 Arbok
    Lv83 Machoke
    Lv81 Venomoth
    Lv83 Nidoqueen
    @ Targaryen Keep (850 135 265)
    Lv84 Poliwrath
    Lv86 Mightyena
    Lv84 Dugtrio
    Lv85 Tauros
    @ Targaryen Keep (833 145 272)
    Lv90 Persian
    Lv88 Tentacruel
    Lv88 Crobat
    Lv90 Roselia
    Lv88 Houndoom
    Lv90 Seviper
    @ Targaryen Keep (824 155 257)
    Lv90 Weezing
    Lv92 Victreebel
    Lv90 Camerupt
    Lv92 Sableye
    Lv90 Marowak
    Lv92 Golbat
    @ Targaryen Keep (855 175 266)
    Lv95 Muk
    Lv93 Nidoking
    Lv92 Kangaskhan
    Lv95 Ninjask
    Lv92 Golem
    Lv95 Arbok
    @ Targaryen Keep (822 185 266)
    Lv97 Forretress
    Lv95 Slowbro
    Lv97 Seaking
    Lv97 Dunsparce
    Lv96 Crobat
    Lv96 Shiftry
    @ Targaryen Keep (843 198 266)
    Lv100 Sharpedo
    Lv100 Arbok
    Lv100 Clefable
    Lv100 Weezing
    Lv100 Dusclops
    Lv100 Wobbuffet
    @ Targaryen Keep (838 222 260)
    @ Findview Port (-361 36 490)
    @ Targaryen Keep (1036 44 663)
    @ Targaryen Keep (1080 19 599)
    Waterfall HM required.
    @ Team Rocket HQ (938 81 1637)
    Lv84 Nidoking
    Lv85 Scizor
    Lv85 Gyarados
    Lv87 Charizard
    @ Team Rocket HQ (1028 79 1538)
    Lv85 Shadow Lapras
    Lv98 Shadow Absol
    Lv88 Shadow Venusaur
    Lv90 Shadow Tyranitar
    @ Team Rocket HQ (1024 79 1583)
    Lv88 Shadow Aerodactyl
    Lv91 Shadow Manectric
    Lv91 Shadow Blastoise
    Lv90 Shadow Rapidash
    Lv88 Shadow Feraligatr
    Lv93 Shadow Meganium
    @ Team Rocket HQ
    To get to the vents, you go straight from Alexandra into the main section where you can climb ladders to get into the vents.
    There are two routes you can use, the first one being the quickest:
    (Left, Forward, Only Right, Only Left, Right, Only Right)
    (Only Right All The Way)
    @ Team Rocket HQ (864 90 1614)
    Lv92 Shadow Jolteon
    Lv94 Shadow Snorlax
    Lv91 Shadow Houndoom
    Lv94 Shadow Nidoqueen
    Lv93 Shadow Scizor
    Lv96 Shadow Kingdra
    Go straight up the ladder by Sif
    @ Team Rocket HQ (843 96 1620)
    Lv96 Shadow Altaria
    Lv97 Shadow Starmie
    Lv95 Shadow Flareon
    Lv97 Shadow Heracross
    Lv98 Shadow Typhlosion
    Lv100 Shadow Omastar
    After battle with Archana you will get teleported to a wall where you have to use Rock Smash HM.
    @ Team Rocket HQ (938 79 1456)
    Lv100 Shadow Dragonite
    Lv100 Shadow Salamence
    Lv100 Shadow Alakazam
    Lv100 Shadow Blaziken
    Lv100 Shadow Sceptile
    Lv100 Shadow Mewtwo
    For the whole of this part the Pokémon will not have Reverse Mode ability.
    For the battle against Cipher the Pokémon will not be able to get too consumed in darkness.
    @ Findview Port (-363 36 512)
    @ Kinetic Island (1434 22 -456)
    Lv100 Shadow Breloom
    Lv100 Shadow Houndoom
    Lv100 Shadow Starmie
    Lv100 Shadow Blissey
    Lv100 Shadow Manectric
    Lv100 Shadow Tyranitar
    @ Kinetic Island (1487 25 -401)
    Lv100 Shadow Aggron
    Lv100 Shadow Rapidash
    Lv100 Shadow Aerodactyl
    Lv100 Shadow Sceptile
    Lv100 Shadow Nidoqueen
    Lv100 Shadow Feraligatr
    @ Kinetic Island (1513 39 -396)
    Lv97 Shadow Charizard
    Lv98 Shadow Manectric
    Lv95 Shadow Meganium
    Lv96 Shadow Marowak
    Lv98 Shadow Milotic
    Lv100 Shadow Kingdra
    @ Kinetic Island (1550 21 -350)
    Lv100 Shadow Jolteon
    Lv102 Shadow Snorlax
    Lv100 Shadow Gardevoir
    Lv104 Shadow Omastar
    Lv103 Shadow Typhlosion
    Lv102 Shadow Aerodactyl
    @ Kinetic Island (1582 28 -396)
    Lv104 Shadow Blaziken
    Lv103 Shadow Wailord
    Lv104 Shadow Gyarados
    Lv105 Shadow Flygon
    Lv102 Shadow Blastoise
    Lv104 Shadow Houndoom
    After battling Sekk, head to Sekk's right into Batraz' lab.
    @ Targaryen Keep (1080 19 599)
    Waterfall HM required.
    @ Team Rocket HQ (938 79 1456)
    Here three battles will take place.
    Lv105 Shadow Blissey
    Lv103 Shadow Lapras
    Lv109 Shadow Metagross
    Lv105 Shadow Meganium
    Lv103 Shadow Absol
    Lv107 Shadow Starmie
    Lv104 Shadow Salamence
    Lv106 Shadow Tyranitar
    Lv104 Shadow Arcanine
    Lv105 Shadow Snorlax
    Lv106 Shadow Swampert
    Lv106 Shadow Aerodactyl
    Lv108 Shadow Alakazam
    Lv109 Shadow Metagross
    Lv104 Shadow Salamence
    Lv113 Shadow Mewtwo
    Lv112 Shadow Lugia
    Lv115 Shadow Rayquaza

    If you have any suggestions or further queries, please feel free to message me on Discord @Kimkom#9999 or in-game as Workbenth.
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    VERY NICE! Thanks :p:p
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    Thanks! Without this I would NEVER get through the quest :D
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    Very detailed!
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    Great guide, ty <3
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    upload_2018-5-27_22-38-59.png michanel'ls location. also -348 36 493 cords shadow ryder
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    when defeat that inturder kid get back and climb up here and then u can enter the vent
    also note out plz
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    Great guide Benth! Very helpful :D
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    Thx but after watching the guide, i feel like shadow quest4 is impossible...
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    Not impossible, many including me have completed it.

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