Some pokewars pokemon list

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Whats the best pokemon out of:

  1. Mudkip

  2. Treecko

  3. Torchic

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    Pokewars abilities:

    This will cover most of the abilities on pokewars.
    Use ctrl + f to search for different pokemon. If there is not one listed that you have information about dm me on discord DjDisaster#9005


    • Smokescreen: gives all enemies nearby blindness for 5 seconds.

    • Fire spin: sets all nearby enemies on fire for about 5 seconds.

    • Flamethrower: Makes you next hit do +4.5 damage

    • Rapid spin: Gives knockback to players that are very close to you

    • Hydro pump: Increases the damage of your next attack

    • Protect: Decreases damage taken.

    • Poison powder: Damages nearby enemies but can not kill alone.

    • Synthesis:

    • Solar beam: Deals extra damage on the next hit

    The next pokemon listed will be ones that have some of the best abilities.


    • Confusion: Gives enemy blindness

    • Psychic: Gives enemy blindness

    • Teleport: Throws a pearl how you normally would but holding your sword.

    • Hurricane: Does insane knockback

    • Outrage: Does insane damage

    • Roost: Heals you for 5 hearts on use

    • Megahorn: Does a massive amount of knockback

    • Reversal: Lower your hp more damage you deal

    • Moxie: Gives strength 1 for 10 seconds but if you kill another person you get strength 2 for 10 seconds then strength 3 for 10 seconds.


    • Meteor Mash: deals 10 damage next hit and gives strength 1 for 5 seconds.

    • Iron defense: Gives you resistance 3 reducing your damage by 60%

    • Earthquake: Knocks nearby enemies into the air doing about 4.5 damage to all enemies in the radius.

    • Psyshock: Gives nearby enemies blindness

    • Aura sphere: Your next hit does half of your enemies health

    • Nasty plot: Were you activate the ability you will respawn when you die next.
    Weedle king:

    • String shot: Gives 1 enemy within 20 blocks that you are looking at negative effects.

    • Poison string; Gives poison to an enemy.

    • Bug bite: Does 7.5 hearts of damage to an enemy.

    • Earthquake: Knocks nearby enemies into the air doing about 4.5 damage to all enemies in the radius.

    • Swords dance: Gives you strength 2 for 5 seconds

    • Dragon breath: Increases damage dealt.