Stop kicking non-ranked players

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Should they remove kicking low rank/non-ranked players because of high priority queue?

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  1. Prestonwww

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    Nov 22, 2019
    Ive only been on this server for about the past 3 days so far. yes i dont know much about it but so far ive learned alot about how paying players "High Priority Queue" works. i dont know how it works around all the other gamemodes but for pokemon survival,it works like this: obviously,theres a player limit to each pokemon survival server. theres plenty of servers,about 20 or so. all your items and pokemon transer from server to server,but structures dont,which is pretty obvious. i mainly play on survival 1,the most popular which ive been told youtubers play on and its the most high traffic server, secondly,ALL servers EXCEPT for survival one got an extra 10 player capacity,with survival 1 holding 40 while all the others hold 50. how the high priority queue works is when the server is full,players with ranks can join still. but then,when they join,a non ranked player or even a lower ranked player (ex: if an expert joins,a pro might be kicked) and i have never seen such a bad "perk" of a rank. it is unfair to non ranked players like myself. not only that,i got a 1 hour mute for cursing on the discord for something so small. i called this bs,and got a 1 hour mute,which to me is an over reaction for something like that, so far ive been kicked about 5 or 6,maybe 7 times from the server because of players with a higher rank than me joining the server. the only answer ive gotten about this is that its "to reduce lag" which is also bs,because i havent gotten any lag since i started playing on the server. no fps drops,some higher ping at times but it was never really bad and it fixed itself within a minute or two. so my conclusion is this. this is a marketing strategy. they upgrade every other servers capacity except this one since it has the highest traffic,makes people wanna buy ranks more so they wont have to deal with it. and yes,i do understand the server need s to make money. but why should i and others lose our spot in the server,have to wait a long time to rejoin,just to get kicked again after a few minutes? alot of people hhave told me "just switch to a server that doesnt fill up" but i already have a base set up. i could move my things from one server to the next sure,but id have to make a new base and set everything up again. why should i do that just because someone paid money to a server? its a manipulative marketing tactic and it either needs to be gotten rid of or they need to increase player capacity on Survival 1