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    Mar 21, 2017
    :):) Let See How Creative You All Are :):)

    The Best Short Or Long Story Will Get The Prize After A Certain Amount Of Time (Of My Choosing) :p
    (Mystery Prize)

    The Rules As Follows
    + Must Be Your Own Story (No Copyright Of Other Stories)
    + Must Be Pokémon Related
    + You Must Keep It Kid Friendly No Swears Or Inappropriate Words (If they are they will be deleted)
    + No Spamming The Same Story Over And Over Again (They Will Be Deleted)
    Make Sure To Have Fun :cool:
    + Be Adventurous

    + Be Creative
    + Use Your Imagination
    + Make Sure Your Read Your Own Story Before Posting That Way You Can Check For Spelling Errors And Any Grammar Mistakes
    ;);) Good Luck And Happy Writing Everyone ;);)
    Be Sure To Like Those Stories You Love
    <3 <3
  2. Pinkypancakes

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    Dec 16, 2017
    Part One.

    There once was a old and brave Dragonite. He knew that he had to tell his tale on, he looked over at his son, a quirky young Dratini.
    "Son, I need to tell you something." The Dragonite said.
    "Yeah Dad?" The Dratini said.
    "You will have a very important job son, you will have to tell my tale." Dragonite said.
    "What is their to tell dad? Everyone in Pokevillage knows your tales.." Dratini questioned.
    "I didn't mean Pokevillage. I meant you will travel the world, spreading my stories and tales." Dragonite explained.
    "All around the world!?" Dratini said.
    From then on, Dratini had to make his father proud. He had to travel the world telling his tales.
    "Hm, where to start?" Dratini said to himself while looking at a map.
    "Oh! I know!! I'll go to Kyoto!" Dratini said.
    Dratini packed his important stuff such as the x-ray specs (aka Keegan's glasses :eek:) and headed off. Dratini made a hasty exit and found his way to Kyoto. Little did he know about this evil man named Cipher sulking around Kyoto with his horrid shadow Pokémon. Dratini was happy to see his old friends at Kyoto. He said hi and then went off to tell his Dad's stories.
    Halfway through telling his dad's stories a strange man in all black walked up to Dratini. He then dragged Dratini off into a strange building. Dratini didn't know what was happening so he panicked, after all the panicking he passed out. Dratini woke up in a strange cave. He was in some sort of strange room. The strange man introduced himself as Cipher, a mad scientist that wanted all the power in the world so he created Shadow Pokémon. Dratini feared for his life.
    "P-please!! Don't h-hu-hurt me!!" Dratini cried.
    "It won't hurt. Er, it will hurt. But not for long, you wont have any control over your entire body and soul!" Cipher cried.
    Dratini blacked out. A few hours later he woke up in a test tube. He looked down to see his tail covered in blackish purple covering him slowly. He was turning Shadow... He tried yelling for help, nothing worked.
    "You're gonna sell like a hot pocket Dratini!!" Cipher chuckled.
    Cipher shut off the machine after Dratini was a full Shadow.
    "Father. Where. Is. My. Berries?" Dratini said almost robotically.
    "Right here." Cipher said putting blackish purple berries on the floor.
    Cipher then took a Pokeball of the a shelf. He then tossed the Pokeball at Dratini. Dratini was caught.. What was he going to do?

    Part Two.

    Cipher finally let Dratini out of the Pokeball.
    "Well little one. You're too weak to be trained. Your IV's suck aswell." Cipher said.

    THE End

    bY pANkAko (Pancake#2309 please don't stalk me).

    im such good writer ik
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    Love it
    Can’t wait for part 2
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    Closed to due lack of interest ​

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