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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Valedrin, Sep 27, 2020.

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  1. Valedrin

    Valedrin New Member

    Sep 27, 2020
    I've been looking into the custom enchantments and where to get them recently and decided to expand my research to all custom mob drops since the mobdex is unlikely to be updated anytime soon.

    I have been farming all mobs with the Lucky III enchant on both my Sword and Bow and Looting III on my Sword.

    Here are my findings so far:

    Mob Drops:

    Mimic: Mimic Remains, Monster Essence
    • Grass(Grass Block): Dirt, Grass, Leaf Stone Shard

    • Rock(Stone Block): Stone, Coal

    • Steel(Iron Ore block): Iron Ore/Nugget, Stone

    • Ground(Sand Block): Sand, Sandstone

    • Water(Clay Block): Clay ball

    • Poison(Mycelium): Mycelium

    Doppleganger: Gold Nugget/Ingot, Skeleton Skull, Oval Stone Shard, Seviper Whip, Mimic Remains, Monster Essence

    Lantern Ghost: Blaze Rod, Coal, Lantern, Spectral Dust, Enchanted Flame, Rusty Rod, Monster Essence, Molten Book(?)

    Slime: Slime Heart, Gooey Substance

    Sea Slime: Kelp, Heart of the Sea, Slimeball, Slime Heart, Gooey Substance, Monster Essence

    Kelp Stalker: Kelp, Fish Scales, Monster Essence, Dragon Scale piece, Water Stones Shard, Leaf Stone Shard, Lucky Book, Chinchou Helmet

    Mermaid: Prismarine Crystals, Prismarine Shard, Heart of the Sea, Fish Scales, Shiny Stone Shard, Mermaid Tears, Monster Essence, Second Wind Book

    Living Coral: Fire Coral Fan

    Reef Ray: Bone, Kelp, Prismarine Crystals/Shard, Reef Ray Eye, Monster Essence, Kabutops Scythe

    Skeleton Warrior: Bones, Arrows, Shield Fragment, Monster Essence, Learner book, Bash Book(?)

    Sand Snapper: Sand, Gold Ingot, Monster Essence, Oval Stone Shard, Shiny Stone Shard(?), Lucky book(?), Learner Book(?)

    Worker Bee: Honey Comb, Poppy, Dandelion, Bee Wing, Monster Essence, Pure Honey(?)

    Drone Bee: Honey Comb, Poppy, Dandelion, Bee Wing, Monster Essence, Pure Honey(?)

    Bee: Honey Comb, Bee Wing, Pure Honey, Royal Jelly, Monster Essence, Venomous Book, Static Blade Book, Poison Aura(?), Bug Aura(?)

    Chigger: Chigger Eggs, Monster Essence, Bug Aura Book

    Lost Miner: Lantern, Stick, Coal, Iron ore, Diamond, Dawn Stone Shard, Broken Pickaxe, Monster Essence

    Nether Scout: Bones, Arrows, Molten Book(?)

    Creeper: Gunpowder, Explosive Compound

    Zombie: Rotten Flesh, Carrot, Potato, Iron Ingot, Tattered Cloth

    Phantom: Phantom Membrane, Phantom Heart

    Enderman: Ender Pearl, Trapped Darkness

    Snapping Turtle: Kelp, Scute, Raw Cod/Salmon, Monster Essence

    Piranha: Raw Cod, Piranha Tooth(?), Fish Scales, Monster Essence

    Sickly Spiderling(Gym 1): String, Spider Eye, Cobweb, Monster Essence, Bug Bite Gym token

    Enraged Monk(Gym 2): Bread, Bones, Gold Nugget, Tattered Cloth, Monster Essence, Small Experience Book, Bulwark Book

    Spectral Weapon(Gym 3): Glowstone Dust, Ghast Tears, Dusk Stone Shard, Dawn Stone Shard, Monster Essence

    Harpy(Gym 4): Feathers, Raw Rabbit, Raw Chicken, Harpy Feathers, Harpy Talons, Monster Essence, Aerial Book

    Worker Golem(Gym 5): Iron Nugget/Ingot/Block, Raw Cod/Salmon, Poppy, Thunder Stone Shard, Shiny Stone Shard, Rusty Rod, Broken Gear, Monster Essence, Smash Book

    Ice Wolf(Gym 6): Wolf Pelt, Monster Essence, Ice Aura, Ice Stone Shards

    (Gym 7):

    (Gym 8): Nightmare Bones, Siphon Book, Dark Aura(?)

    Sir Fudd Enchantments:

    Mimic Remains: Rock/Grass/Steel/Water Aura, Normal Aura(?)

    Rusty Rod: Electric Aura, Static Blade, Steel Aura(?)

    Tattered Cloth: Electric/Fighting Aura

    Scales: Water/Grass/Fairy Aura

    Bee Wing: Flying/Bug Aura

    Pig Feet: Ground/Water Aura

    Harpy Feathers: Flying/Dark Aura

    Pure Honey: Bug Aura

    Gooey Substance: Normal Aura

    Wolf Pelt: Freezing Blade

    Anything with a "(?)" Next to it means I haven't personally confirmed it, though I'm mostly sure they drop either from the mobs themselves or from the sir fudd items they provide.

    Any Vanilla Minecraft mobs that have not been added are not suspected of having a custom drop, if you find otherwise please message me so I can update the list.

    Any help is appreciated especially on the Sir Fudd Enchantment rewards, anyone may DM me on Discord (KCDustStorm#5033) with their own findings.

    List of Contributions:

    Ahrifangirl -
    Poison Mimic - Mycelium
    Living Coral - Fire Coral Fan
    Mimic Remains - Steel/Water Aura
    Tattered Cloth - Electric/Fighting Aura

    FieryDagan -
    Nether Scout/Lantern Ghost - Molten Book
    Worker/Drone Bee - Poppy and Dandelion
    Skeleton Warrior - Bash book
    Lost Miner - Diamond
    Pig Feet - Water Aura

    Ubenchilln -
    Queen Bee - Bug Aura

    Lrd_Grim -
    Ice Wolves - Wolf Pelt, Ice Stone Shard
    Wolf Pelt - Freezing Blade

    AyyItsMitch -
    Chigger - Bug Aura Book
    Queen Bee - Static Blade Book

    NNN117 -
    Water Mimic normally looks like a Clay Block, Sugarcane mimics were a glitch.

    Dhruvdtheg -
    Sand Snapper - Oval Stone Shard
    Harpy Feathers - Dark Aura confirmed
    Phantoms - Phantom Hearts confirmed
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  2. Kimkom

    Kimkom New Member

    Mar 29, 2017
    Super helpful compilation of all the mob drops in the Survival gamemode. I will be sure to refer to this. Thank you, Valedrin!
  3. Valedrin

    Valedrin New Member

    Sep 27, 2020
    You're welcome! I'm constantly updating it as I find new drops, be sure to message me if you find any that aren't listed.
  4. AhriFangirl

    AhriFangirl New Member

    Jul 3, 2020
    sir fudd mimic remains also give Steel Aura and Water Aura
  5. Valedrin

    Valedrin New Member

    Sep 27, 2020
    Thanks, added to the list!