Weather Ball, Growth, and Battle Arena Glitched

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Salamander, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Jan 1, 2018
    During harsh sunlight, if a Pokemon uses Growth, it is supposed to receive a +2 Attack and a +2 Special Attack, but if used in Pokefind, the Pokemon will only receive a +1 to Attack and a +1 Special Attack (As if it were being used in standard weather).
    Also during sunlight, Weather Ball is supposed to become a 100 Base Power Fire Type Attack; however, it remains to be a base 50 Normal Type Attack. Although I have not tested it, I'm sure it is probably the same for each of the other 3 weather types.
    Now, Battle Arena I am not completely sure if one would call "glitched". As far as I am aware, the server is based off of gen 6 move sets, meaning that Victreebel would not normally learn Poison Jab; however, in Battle Arena one of the NPC's was able to use a Victreebel with Poison Jab, meaning its move set was based off of gen 7. Seeing as how it was used in Battle Arena, I was under the impression that someone could use Poison Jab on their own Victreebel, but after trying to put it on my own, alas you are not allowed to regularly put Poison Jab on it (that only being implicated in gen 7), meaning that those are conflicting aspects of the game. It would seem to me that if Battle Arena's trainers are able to use gen 7 move sets then players should be able to as well, or have it not be implicated at all. Perhaps it isn't a "glitch" per say (and perhaps it is meant to be like that), but it is something I took note of and figured I would include with my report, whether it be intentional or not.
    When it Occurs: As far as I'm aware, Growth and Weather ball will always revert back to their standard values no matter the weather, time, or day.
    Location: Growth/Weather Ball: I believe it is on each generation, no matter the server.
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    Aug 14, 2017
    i will look into this thanks for bringing it to our attention