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Jun 8, 2017
Nov 1, 2016
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If you're having purchasing issues, please contact me on discord: aaron#2242 Feb 21, 2017

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Jun 8, 2017
    1. StoereBoyMart
      Good afternoon Aaron, a few months ago I bought something for pokefind for my 7 year old son. Now I want to buy the Pro Trainer but I cant't because of something about chargeback. My other sons don't have this problem. Please, can you help me. My son is sad at this moment. Hopely I soon hear from you. With greetings from The Netherlans. Arco.
    2. alekspetrovic503
      Hi Aaron,i want to get the mod rank in pokefind. I did everthing MrWaffleFries-Chris sad i need to do so i am asking you for a application for the mod rank on pokefind i really hope you will give it to me i wont abuse it i promise .So i hope you will thik about this and send me the reply as soon as you can pls,you can send the reply also on my email [email protected]om
    3. Zugoguz
      Zugie here,
      I maked alot of appeals on the forum punishment appeals.
      Can u check it or let someone check it cauze there is no responds it has been a long time.
    4. Clayton Taylor
      Clayton Taylor
      every time that i attempt to download the resource pack it will finish downloading and the screen will flash then it will say [Proxy] Lost Connection To Server Can you please help me
      1. TroubledSoul - Kate
        TroubledSoul - Kate
        Jun 10, 2017
    5. GodDestroyer6REAL
      Ive been trying to join Pokemon world but it wont let me my resource packs are enabled and ive tryed everything promted,enabled,disabled,drect conect please help
    6. Roe
      I did buy a few things, but I NEVER asked for my money back or anything...
    7. Roe
      It says it was for Chargeback
    8. Roe
      Hai, umm... so... I don't wanna be rude, but I was kicked for absolutely NO reason. I went to use the restroom while pokefind was downloading the resource pack, and it told me I was banned...
    9. Cillibean_the1st
      Hey a while ago me and lard talked about getting a chargeback and I said yes even though I would get banned please can do this charge back soon because I need it as I took the money from my parents credit card
    10. marcus_laastad
      Hi aaron, can you contact me on discord? I have some questions about my ban and chargeback, discord is marcus_laastad #3917
      1. TroubledSoul - Kate
        TroubledSoul - Kate
        I would suggest YOU message Aaron or Danny on discord. But if you charge back it is a perm ban, so I don't think there is much we could do.
        May 30, 2017
    11. Cillibean_the1st
      Hey please can you do a charge back for me because I was stupid I don't care if I get permanently banned from it
      1. TroubledSoul - Kate
        TroubledSoul - Kate
        If you need to get in contact with an Admin, I highly suggest messaging them through discord. We cannot do refunds.
        May 19, 2017
    12. Jmsnook
      Hey I have a big question is there a way to get unbanned from chat cause I got on the server one day and now I am banned permanent from
      chat for no reason
      1. BayOp likes this.
      2. TroubledSoul - Kate
        May 14, 2017
    13. Cillibean_the1st
      New Member
      :(:(:(hey I am a stupid young boy who has made a big mistake. I HAVE PAID 88 pounds and shouldn't have because it's my parents card. Please can you find message me to say if there is a way for you to pay me back. PleAre help me to resolve this parent before my parents find out. Please help me.
      1. vEonz

        you shouldnt have done that on the first place :|
        Jul 9, 2017
    14. BlackSoulXIII
      how can i submit a unban appeal :(
      1. D_Diamonds
        Apr 27, 2017
    15. clarry
      i have purchased the Champion Trainer from the store for $89.99 US on the 26-04-2017 and the purchase went through on my Mum's card, but i have not received the product in game and it has been hours now.
      Sort out ASAP
      1. D_Diamonds
        Have you received your rank yet?
        Apr 27, 2017
    16. Gaming With Matteo YT
      Gaming With Matteo YT
      Hello, I am a new livestreamer with 200 subs but growing really RAPIDLY on youtube. I have many episodes on this server and plan on continuing daily!
      youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxEXseaJQFh61jsvDwyCUcA
      It would be an honor, if I could receive the Youtube rank as I will continue growing rapidly and promoting this server!

      Thank you,
      -Matteo (Gaming With Matteo)
      1. D_Diamonds
    17. PyroFox7650
      how do i become a admin? just wondering cause im interested
      1. D_Diamonds
        Apr 19, 2017
    18. Cillibean_the1st
      hey yesterday I posted a staff application on the staff application forum bit and was wondering what was going to happen and if I was going to be a staff or not. Just wondering Please direct message me it
      1. D_Diamonds
        Staff applications take time to go through. Please be patient
        Apr 19, 2017
    19. Pxl
      Hey I am Wondering If you Can Reset all my progress on the server so i can start anew
      1. D_Diamonds
        We do not offer that feature as of now.
        Apr 19, 2017
    20. mooks2003
      i am having issues getting on the server, it says the resource pack isn't working, ive tried changing from 1.11 to 1.10 and also deleting the server and readding but nothing is working. Also my server resource packs are enabled
      1. D_Diamonds
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