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    1. Lazarcek
      help pls... I have been removed from competitive batle and I im doind the Legendary bird quest and there is not a bird in the cage.
    2. Konstantin123
      I's the server for cracked accounts or only for premium?pls tell me
    3. Joshua11111111
      Hello Pablo, I need help because I did the rewards but did not get my reward. I was told to bring this up to you by some moderators. Info: I was on day seven, was supposed to get a rattatat, 3000 Exp, and a token. It would be great if you would help me out. IGN: nathanoh
      1. Joshua11111111
        Would be great if you would reply as soon as possible as I am getting busy.
        Sep 14, 2017
    4. VanillaEscape99
      hay pablo can u or someone els help me plizz!
    5. Eduard1213
      hello,i have a problem.I can't enter your server it writes logging in for ten seconds then says time out.I tried everythind and it didn't work.Please help
    6. Neorinho
      Hey! My friend couldn't buy eggs and xp shares to his account so he bought them to mine and now when I try to log in it says Im banned for chargeback and I have no idea what it means and wonder if there is anyway to get unbanned because I haven't done anything?
    7. Arthur Beasley
      Arthur Beasley
      Hi I was wondering if I could try for a new rank
    8. KawaiiNight
      Hello just a request don't feel like you need to do so but it would be really nice if you could change your team! If you can add anything to allow the player to change your team but could have a cool down and you have to wait till that month to be able to change your team again! Why I'm asking for you to add this is because I wanna change teams but its fine if you don't add this! Thank you 4 your time!
    9. AshDubh
      I have asked for a youtube rank now and im done filling everything out and i have all the requierments and all that, but can you check it out and maybe get me the rank?

      My YT channel is:
      Discord: KrassowTG #3599
      Minecraft name: Xx_Krassow_xX
    10. Epickilla07
      Could you make somethings cheaper in game pls it is really hard to get anything in terms of tms or moves or even something
      as simple as a hat or bag i would love for some items like that to be lowered in price plsssss XD
    11. DaRealJelyko
      Please read the comments from high to low otherwise they won't make sense
    12. DaRealJelyko
      1. iwin1302
        Please appeal at "Punishment Report" section.
        Aug 11, 2017
    13. DaRealJelyko
      I got banned for hacking and I was showing youtube how to hack. now I got permanently banned And I really want to join the server and make videos about it. I'm not a really big YouTuber I only have 32 subs but I make great content. Can you please let me in the server again I will never
      1. iwin1302
        Please appeal at "Punishment Report" section. Why you have to hack on your favourite server?
        Aug 11, 2017
    14. DaRealJelyko
      1. iwin1302
        You lied, the server doesn't even have 3 years.
        Aug 11, 2017
    15. DaLoganator5000
      Hello there! I love this server and thought I could help out! I was wondering if I could be a JR. MOD! I would love to support this server by helping out and making sure no one has problems or is causing a problem!
      1. MysticDoesPvp
    16. AGXgaming
      HELLO I would like to apply for a jr.MOD Please I think that this server could go somewhere ( well it has already )
      but i would like to be a part of it so i can help the community
      1. MysticDoesPvp
    17. deblob007
      Pablo my Eevee isn't evolving into Jolteon with Thunderstone can you plz help me? It worked just fine with Vaporeon. my user name is deblob007. BTW great game!
    18. GGMadness
      I lost my island on Pokemon Skyblock. My IGN is GGMadness. If there is anyway to recover it, please do!
    19. ChiefB_RadGrant
      i was playing i went to stack my 2 water stones together and they disapered and when i went to put away my 2 larvitars into my pc they disapered i tried re logging and everything and no one could figure out what happened.
    20. marcus_laastad
      Hi pablo, can you contact me on discord about the ban and chargebacks? I have some questions
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