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    1. therion1
      Hello!I let my brother play minecraft on my pc and has instaled an hack my account just banned and its permanent! can you please unban me i will not let my brother on my main minecraft account i will buy him a new account but please can you unban me cuz i want to play today and its say im banned for hacking and its permanent! please! name=therion1
      1. ShootingFor3
        Jul 21, 2018
    2. Hyper_Camper
      do more half priced sales on valentines day

      look on forums for my post in suggestions
    3. Katie Carlo
      Katie Carlo
      hey, I'm on pokefind skyblock and AaronX0G made my balance -1.4bil plz can u fix this, I was at 1bil exactly EDIT: my username is bettypoo also I'm sending this to loads of members but plz reply also ban AaronX0G
    4. Omnom
      hey I need help with a chargeback unban can u help me
    5. Smokin_dank
      Hi my name is Marco irl. I've been banned permanently for an inappropriate name "CrispyFatAzz", but this was weeks ago. I shared my account with my brother and he changed the name but, now we have our own accounts and I changed my name to something better. Please unban me thanks
    6. Ramsa
      thought of something else if i win i want to be a part of cipher since im only using shadow pokemon
    7. Ramsa
      tell him if he accepts my challenge go to server 5 gen 1
    8. Ramsa
      i have something i need to ask you ik ssundee is doing stuff on your server. what i want is a battle but i also want to get it on video as in
      my youtube channel and i want ssundee to record as well. i am a true shadow trainer. also i want to be in his videos on this channel if i win i also wish to battle crainer send them my challenge tell them i Ramsa want to take them down i chose to join the shadow
    9. ChuzzyBoy
      hi i Just Bought champ rank and i have not gotten my stuff why not
    10. Hooodiniii
    11. Gladiola
    12. Star_Lord_
      I have been banned for no apparent reason.I have been kicked for flying but that is lag. I have even bought things on this server.I spent money on this server too. Pls i love this server and if u can help me that would be amazing.Reason: Chargeback You won't play battle royale ;).Expire time: Permanent. I find this ridiculous as i didn't do anything wrong.If this isn't a ban appeal tell me how to do 1.
    13. Gewoonjarne24
      can you unbann me pls iam banned for the glitch in pokewars pls unbann me i love your server my name is gewoonjarne24
      1. RadsammyT
        You can appeal your ban in the punishment appeals sub-forum.
        He won't just simply unban you by your word.
        Nov 28, 2017
    14. Reaper6900
      i have a question will the server go to minecraft window 10 and the console versions like playstation xbox and nintendo?
    15. Littlemarle
      I am 12 and born oct 18 2005
    16. haydenfire
      can you fix the reward plz and a got 250 tokens when it was broken
    17. PlazmaVolt
      Can you tell me where to write an appeal for being unmuted?
    18. hagish123
      I want to ask something Iv been a proud member of this server for a very long lime and I really wanted to now if you would be extremely kind to give me the honor of being JR MOD because I love this server so much and I want to enjoy it in a whole nother way, I want to help the community by helping with explaining stuff like how the server runs and how amazing it is.

      sincerely: hagish123
    19. LittleChickenDip
      hey love your server its awesome
    20. WhoTookMyWafflez
      Hey Pablo, cuddlycreeper98 said to come to you with this issue. When I tried to join the server today, it said I was banned for chargeback when I didn't chargeback. How can I give you evidence that I didn't? Because I know I didn't.
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