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Aug 12, 2019
Mar 25, 2017
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Aug 12, 2019
    1. Audra Magermans
      Audra Magermans
      How can I delete my account?
    2. TroubledSoul - Kate
    3. Katie Carlo
      Katie Carlo
      hey, I'm on pokefind skyblock and AaronX0G made my balance -1.4bil plz can u fix this, I was at 1bil exactly EDIT: my username is bettypoo also I'm sending this to loads of members but plz reply
    4. peteroky moto
      peteroky moto
      im lookig to be a helper no pay mint gust whant to help people may i pless be a helper
    5. Duda
      Please answer me omg I need help
      1. Pars2000
        What do you need help with?
        May 27, 2018
    6. Krishna9129
      I am sad that you denied my ban appeal but I will try again but what sort of information should I put to make me approved. But I still like this server watching it on Youtube.
    7. NitroCheese
      Same as Jacob Spandow, after playing Pokemon Murder, i tried going into PokeWars and it said the same message (Sorry, failed to load your data! Please contact a member of staff.) Please try to fix this bug which is affecting multiple people. Thanks, NitroCheese

      Note: If you need to know, my username is Fxlchion

      Update: To anyone else having this problem, just quit and rejoin, it works.
    8. Jacob Spandow
      Jacob Spandow
      Hi can you please help me,after i PLAYED POKEMON MURDER, when I was logging into pokemon world it said failed to load data please contact a member of staff. plz help
    9. endninja123
      So, I was going to use a fire stone on my growlithe, I sent out my growlithe. While it was out, I clicked the firestone on the growlithe in my inventory, and then it disappeared. I worked really hard for that firestone, I traded a vaporeon for that firestone. My username is endninja123 and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    10. /\/\Atomic/\/\
      hey, what do you mean about What is your knowledge of Pokemon and its mechanics?
      1. Grapes
        Like, what do you know about Pokémon and put a lot of detail
        Feb 10, 2018
    11. watermelonOWO
      Why am I being permanent banned while playing?I was not hacker. Please check with my ID : watermelonOWO.unban me quickly please
    12. eeveeattack
      plz unban me I did nothing
    13. NightmareszJr
      thankyou so much i will not use the hack client
    14. Dragonclaw
      i will respect your instruction and wait 2 weeks to file another apeal whether i ever get to play pokefind again or not i will still respect you and all other admins and try to help in any way i can. God bless you Kailos and all who have been playing with me. i will miss u
    15. Dragonclaw
      hey what "hacks" was Dragonclaw13_0 accused of, just asking
    16. Hype_INGOTZ
      Hi Kailos, This is Lily "Hype-INGOTZ" mother. I wrote an "appeal" about being falsely banned. please check it out and please contact me if you or a higher ranking staff could Skype call me to figure out the situation thanks.
    17. arselio cordova
      arselio cordova
      Can I edit to my resume instead of making a new one
    18. MasterSnarl
      wait i have to appeal
      in 3 weeks?
    19. deathzone95
      im done i swear i do not hack but still u keep declining my posts =(
      1. Kialos
        I told you to appeal again in three weeks, please do that.
        Jul 25, 2017
    20. eric.B
      im done trying to get unban he going declined all of us just becasue the server are so easy to hack on
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