Donation ITEM not coming through, but rank is.

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    Mar 24, 2017
    So to make this clear, I already talked with Aaron and got nowhere with him due to us disagreeing on this. I messaged Danny, but he never responded and so I waited a day before making this post.

    So pretty much I donated for Elite and an EXP share, and when the donation came through I only got the exp share. The moment it came through I wasn't thinking about the exp share, as there was a small delay in between the eggs and coins and what not coming through. After getting the rank and realizing that I never got my EXP share, I couldn't take a screenshot of the chat in game. So.. my situation caused me to ask staff for help. Everyone said to talk with Aaron.. and he pretty much said I got the EXP share. Well, I never got it, never got a message saying I got it, and really have nothing else to add.

    I don't know what "proof" Aaron or anyone else has (do you use buycraft and does it say the commands for it went though"?) cause regardless of what you have I never got the item.

    To be very clear, why would I be lying about a $6 item after just getting a $50 rank... Especially right after Danny made a post saying people who lied about this issue would get banned. Honestly this is my first time donating to a server in years, Aaron knows who I am.. and I'm not the kind of person who ever lie or trick someone for my own good. If you want some background knowledge of me I can give that, but regardless the point is I think there way be an issue in your store for sending commands at times. The fact that my Elite came through but not my EXP share makes me think the commands were never sent through/were sent incorrectly or something weird happened.

    Also to be clear, no my inventory wasn't full, and no none of my pokemon have an EXP share on them either in my party or PC.

    Yes I also did /kit, as that isn't what gives an EXP share (I bought it separate).

    So to make this very clear, I bought something along with a $50 rank, didn't get the item, and I'm being told I did. So I paid money for something I didn't get, and I would like some help in getting this item or getting a refund for this item so I can try buying it again.

    I donated to help support this server, but if I donate for something I feel like at the very least I should get what I donated for. I think a lot of other people are having similar issues here, and if I had to guess a bunch of people you are calling "scammers" aren't actually lying, and there's just an issue with your system. I guess I can't speak for others, but in my situation I never got what I paid for, and I feel like money was just taken from me and nothing was given in return.

    If you have any other questions for me, please ask. I would provide you with anything in my power to help fix this situation.

    I know these are in notepad (so yes you could easily say they were edited), but when I was messaging Aaron I went into my logs in my .minecraft folder and found where my donation came through. These are unedited, and if you went into the server logs at the same time you would see I'm not lying.

    I don't know if that will help, but I don't know what else to do to prove I didn't get them. I could post a screenshot of my pc and everything, but I told Aaron what server I was on so I assume he already checked that (or he easily could of at least if that's a thing).

    Again, let me know if there's anything else I can provide, as I just want to fix this situation and make sure I'm getting what I paid for.

    Therobodavo (David)