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  1. Voultronix

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    Mar 25, 2017
    Hey there Voultronix here ;)

    Pokefind History: Been here for well over a year , since may 25th 2017 .. You could say Im a veteran here at Pokefind. Was one of the first mods however that didn't last for long due to the amount of pressure there was when pokefind took off and became popular. That hasn't stopped me from actively checking the forums , discord and the actual server.

    Pokefind Roles: I am a champion trainer and a QA trainee. You will often see my work throughout pokefind : As I made all wild shinies , Gen 3 auras , half Gen 2 auras , Gen 3 shinies and half the shadow pokes. I truly enjoy skinning Pokemon as it is so much fun to transform the same Pokemon I know and love and give them a new unique look / spin and I am truly grateful for doing this work for Danny and I look forward to doing more work.

    Pokemon History: I only truly got into Pokemon when Gen 4 was released and everyone was collecting TCG so I came into the craze late but considering Gen 8 is next year its safe to say I only missed part of an ever evolving franchise and that it wont make a difference in the grand scheme of it. Ive only played Pokemon silver (original) , emerald , pearl and recently finished white 2 however I play on Pokemon showdown nearly everyday so I know my gens very well now.

    Thanks for reading <3 just wanted to properly introduce myself as people often say "but you dont have a special role so your lying" when it comes to skins :(
  2. ShootingFor3

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    Apr 4, 2017
    Welcome the the Forums even though you joined over a year ago! I always enjoy seeing the new skins for Pokemon that come out! A lot of them are extremely nice and some I just am not the biggest fan of. Mostly because of which Pokemon it is lol, all the skin's have been looking fantastic though regardless! Even if people say you are lying, I know the truth ;)
    If you ever have questions or concerns you know you can message me on Discord! :p
  3. RainbowTeletubi

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    Sep 24, 2017
    What a late intro :eek:, Thank you for your contribution to pokefind with not just the skins but of contributing once as a staff member and a QA trainee ;)
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    Jan 13, 2018
    You are one of the most respected people on PokéFind that I know of. Thank you for your contributions.