Maybe The Gym System in Pokemon World Could be Easier for Newer Players?

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    Jun 10, 2020
    1. Ok, I am new to PokeFind. I have known about PokeWars, sure, but recently found out about Pokemon World. It was awesome. I LOVE Pokemon. I just don't have the money nor time to get a main-series game. When I found out this existed, I freaked. I got to experience something I loved for a quarter of the price! Then... I learned about gyms... and how Gen 3 works with the "Pokemon who are too high/low won't obey." rule. My Wartortle had recently been leveled up to death and it had evolved. And it wouldn't obey. I was trying to destroy a Charmeleon but it said "Blastoise pretended not to notice." So I needed gym badges, and QUICK. So I went to the first Gym, and what awaits me? A level 100, EV trained, IV bred Metagross. I understand it's based off of Pokemon GO, but I stopped playing that years before because it's literally impossible to level up your Pokemon the old fashioned way. (Ex: No rare candies, just battling and then trying to level them up as high as possible, no EV training or IV breeding; I'm personally not a Competitive Battler, I just play casually through the game.) So I am suggesting gym Level Caps. Say, for example, the first gym can only have Pokemon up to level 20. And the second level 25 or 30. And also, maybe no EV training or IV breeding. What I mean is, I was wanting to make it fair for the ones who just picked their starter. And for those who want it like it was, I was suggesting a separate server for just that, where you can have EV trained, IV bred, Level 100 Pokemon taking the first gym for you.
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