Mystery Man Locations (Gen 1 - Kyoto)

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    Mystery Man
    Locations for Generation 1

    Here is every Mystery Man location in Generation 1 (The Kyoto Region). We have tracked down every spot the Mystery Man has attempted to hide. These will be good to use when trying to find him in the future. Make sure to keep an eye out in the chat to know when he Appears / Disappears.
    - The Mystery Man Expert
    At the house next to the gym inside the building.[​IMG]
    At the top of the volcano where the lift ends.[​IMG]
    Right between the two stands by the Poke Center.[​IMG]
    Located on the border of Amp City.[​IMG]
    Near the path to the left of the gym.[​IMG]
    On the path near the stand near the cities Champion.[​IMG]
    Located down by the beach.[​IMG]
    Located in between these blocks on the main path.[​IMG]
    Located on this platform connected to the Poke Center.[​IMG]
    Located on the boardwalk down by the beach.[​IMG]
    Located inside the cave at Petra City.[​IMG]
    Located right outside of Snowtip Poke Center.[​IMG]
    Located right near the map down by Ryder.[​IMG]
    Located on the arena opposite of the cities Champion.[​IMG]
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    Thanks! It is very helpful when mystery man spawns again! :):Do_O