New Pokemon I have been working on for many months...

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  1. Iron_Purge

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    Jun 18, 2017
    I have been working on a new 'Eevee'-lution for the past 6-7 months. It is a Ghost type named Spectreon.

    The other things mentioned that are also new include "Shadow Shard", "Abyss Rush", "EnTomb", "Illusion", "Spectral Beam", "Imperial Judgement", and "Emotional Blaze (Ability)".

    Method of Evolution: Knowing 1 Ghost Type move, leveling up once within a cemetary, graveyard, or haunted house themed area, and holding a Shadow Shard. (Ghost version of a evolution stone.)

    Moves that Spectreon can learn either by Leveling up, or by TM/HM's: Abyss Rush, EnTomb (Ghost version), Spectral Beam, Illusion, and Imperial Judgement.

    Abyss Rush is like a ghost type tackle, but with a high chance to make the opponent flinch (60%).
    10 PP, 100 Accurate, and 130 Power. Learned at level 32.

    Entomb is a healing move, but at a huge cost of Speed (33% of its base speed stat).
    5 PP, N/A Accurate, and N/A Power. Learned at level 40.

    Illusion is a Ghost-Type 'double-team', but raises more than just evasion. For every 5 'copies' spawned (per use), SP. ATT., Sp. Defense, and Evasion all go up by +1. With a max of 25 'copies' out per battle.
    5 PP, N/A Accurate, and N/A Power. Learned at level 36.

    Spectral Beam is a ghost type 'beam' move. (like Bubble Beam, Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Psy-Beam, etc.)
    20 PP, 90 Accurate, and 95 Power. Learned at level 24.

    Imperial Judgement is a ghost type version of any '1-Hit KO' move. It has very low accuracy at 15%, and Normal types are immune to ghost type attacks... But should the move actually hit, it can one shot ANY pokemon, (except normal), no matter their HP, Level Difference, or other aspect.
    5 PP, 15 Accurate, and (*IF* it hits) Infinite Power. Learned by HM.

    Spectreon's Base stats are:
    HP 80
    Attack 65
    Defense 100
    Special Attack 105
    Special Defense 100
    Speed 75
    Total: 525.

    Ability (Battle) : Cursed Body.
    Ability (Non-Battle) : Emotional Blaze.

    Spectreon has 'Will-O-Wisp'-like eyes that change colors depending on its current mood. Red for mad, green for ill for envious, blue for sad, depressed, or lonely, yellow for joyful or happy, pink for flirty, sassy or horny, etc.
    Spectreon's appearance would be a mix of Flareon's body shape, Ghastly's ghostly aura around it, and a mix of Umbreon's and Espeon's color pallet. The tail and ears would have a T-shaped cross design, symbolising crosses on gravestones. Spectreon also has a Soul Gem on it's forehead that shows its personality. Basically, the Soul Gem is a visible indicator of it's Nature. Pink for Sassy or Naughty, Orange for Adamant, Green for Bold, etc.

    Gender Ratio: 87.5% Male, 12.5% Female.

    Details such as height, weight, art work, foot print design, and shiny design/color pallet, catch rate (irrelevant since eevee-lutions can't be found in the wild...), are all still a HUGE Work In Progress.
  2. ZombByeGod

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    Feb 10, 2017
    This seems like a really cool pokemon but I don't think PokeFind will add fakemons or uncanon moves. But still an amazing idea and I love the detail.
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  3. SwagLikePikachu

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    May 3, 2017
    I Love Eevee and it's Eeveelutions. POKEMON SHOULD ADD THIS IF THEY MAKE GEN 8!!!
  4. BeyerHD

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    Jul 9, 2017
    Great idea and respect for spending the time on it, but as others have said i doubt they will add none real pokemon.

    I imagine they will just keep adding them as they add new Generations etc
  5. Skitchy8

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    Jul 12, 2017
    Great idea but it seem to much like a legendary pokemon with exclusive moves and a super difficult way to evolve... haunted area AND shadow shard???
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  6. iwin1302

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    May 26, 2017
    Great Pokemon! Congrations that you got the Pokemon!
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  7. Ehaniel

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    Sep 25, 2017
    Such Pokemon may not even be added to this game much less pokefind and I find ( and others may agree ) the moves are much to Overpowered or Underpowered and the items listed here are to generic and will need to have multiple uses ( like stones, metal coat, etc. ) + making newer habitats or environments wouldn't be ideal such as the new moves ( like stones, will need to be on multiple different Pokemon)

    Otherwise good imagination and maybe you can use these ideas to maybe make your own game.

    EDIT : on behalf of others refrain from using words such as ... you know what I mean
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  8. Lev Malskyi

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    AMAzing pokemon. I suggest you tweet nitendo to add it for ultra-sun and moon game. Beast of luck
  9. TopDensity

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    Sep 20, 2017
    I am a huge fan of Eevee and love its evolutions, if they ever make a Eevee ghost evolution I really hope they add yours, I love the idea and you clearly thought through every detail. Once again good job!
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  10. XD001ShadowLugia

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    Nov 21, 2017
    ......... more shadow pokemon games is what I want to see....