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    Hello, Trainers!

    Welcome to the PokéFind Network's official rules.

    I wanted to take some time to update the official rules and explain them in better detail. Staff will decide what is and is not breaking these rules with their best judgement, please do not argue if you are punished for any of these offenses. You can submit an appeal instead as arguing will only make it worse.

    Be Nice

    These rules are Subject to change at any time. So check back every so often to make sure you are up to date with the rules.

    We will first start with mutable offenses.​


    • Caps ~ Sending a message with an overuse of capital letters is not allowed.

    • Spam/Promoting Spam ~ Sending numerous messages in a short period of time and asking players things to get the chat to spam is not allowed.
      • Example: “anyone here???” x5, “Type a number between 1-10 to win a free Pokémon.”

    • Character Spam ~ The excessive use of characters is not allowed.
      • Example:“asdjb#d;gspmfasd’@!sdgjkhdfgkjhgjkfdhgkdjfhga;sadasd”

    • Chat Trolling ~ Intentionally saying things to mislead or confuse players is not allowed.
      • Example: “Press ALT+F4 for a free Dragonite!!”

    • Arguing ~ Arguing or protesting a punishment or constantly contradicting what someone else says in chat is not allowed.
      • Example: “Player123 did nothing wrong, unban him now!”

    • Harassment ~ Continuous intimidation or insulting behavior towards another player is not allowed.
      • Example: “player123 is ugly. Nobody trade with player123 because he is a noob. I hate player123.”

    • Inappropriate Behavior ~ Talking inappropriately in chat and saying things that are not suitable for children is not allowed. This includes anything found disturbing or uncomfortable in an inappropriate context like removing a body part etc.
      • Example: “I think I have cancer” - FML/KMS or calling people a Simp/Simps and any sexual or drug references also fall under this rule.

    • Inappropriate Language ~ Any language not suitable or inappropriate for children is not permitted. Censoring your own words or spelling the inappropriate words incorrectly to avoid the censor is still filter bypass. (Context will be looked at)
      • Example: “F*** I am stuck in a hole”, abbreviations are also mutable: “Gtfo/stfu/wtf/omfg”.

    • Staff Impersonation ~ Attempting to convince others that you are a staff member is not allowed.
      • Example: “I am a Mod, I just haven’t gotten my tag so listen to me”.

    • Abusive Behavior ~ Offensive behavior towards another player is not allowed.
      • Example: “I hope you get cancer and die”, calling another person “gay” or “a retard” also falls under this rule.

    • Malicious Threats ~ Threatening to harm or take the life of other players, threatening to hack or DDOS players, and so on is not allowed.
      • Example: “I am going to hack your account if you don’t listen to me” or “I’m going to kill you.”

    • Racism/Discrimination ~ Anything regarding language or text that is of racist or discriminatory nature is not allowed.
      • Example: “I wish all the gays died”, any racial slur will also fall under this.

    • Posting Personal Information ~ Revealing information about a player is not allowed.
      • Example: “Here is Player123’s Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Etc.”

    • Light Advertisement ~ Light Advertisement consists of YouTube/Twitch channel advertisement without ownership of the required rank or mentioning another server’s gamemode without including their name. Players without the YouTube/Twitch rank are allowed to upload videos of PokéFind related content in the #content-sharing channel on the network’s Discord.
      • Example: “Subscribe to New video up soon!” or “Who wants to play Hypixel with me? Msg me!”.

    • Heavy Advertisement ~ Heavy Advertisement consists of any attempt to get players to join other servers via server name or IP. This includes Discord invitations that are not to the PokéFind Discord.
      • Example: “Join for Free RANK!!!”

    Now we can move on to the bannable offenses.​


    • Creating Server Lag ~ Creating any form of server lag is not tolerated on PokeFind. (Depending on the severity of the lag will depend on how the situation is resolved)
      • Example: Massive amounts of spawners places which affects the servers ability to run smoothly (causes entity lag). Dropping a massive amount of items on the ground to create lag.

    • Minor Glitch Abuse ~ Any form of glitch or bug that allows you to enter into an unallowed area. Small visual bugs or anything that doesn’t directly affect gameplay is not allowed.
      • Example: Bike glitching through walls.

    • Major Glitch Abuse ~ Any form of glitch that directly impacts gameplay and the experience for others is not allowed.
      • Example: Duping.

    • Cross-Teaming ~ Any form of working together with another player in situations where you should not be working with that player to win the game is not allowed.
      • Example: Sharing resources, not attacking each other (trucing), and helping each other to win the game.

    • Spawn Trapping ~ The building of a kill box or any form of structure that traps the player in a position where they can’t move upon spawn is not allowed.

    • Team Trolling ~ Intentional behavior whose sole intention is to ruin the game for their teammates is not allowed.
      • Example: Intentionally destroying the base defense in PokéWars, destroying the bridge for your teammates, intentionally killing your teammates, etc.

    • Attempting to Scam ~ The attempt to deceive a player of Pokémon or other PokeFind items by altering the original trade (without players permission) or not giving your half of the deal in attempt to receive the other players items is not tolerated. Video proof of the attempted scam is required so please record all trades. If the actual Scam takes place it will fall under the actual Scamming rule and punishment. (Please note that anybody has the right to refuse to trade but attempting to Scam before the trade is cancelled is punishable)
      • Example: Offering an exp share for a Skinned Pokemon and not giving the exp share when the Pokemon is offered in the trading stage.

    • Scamming ~ Stealing another player of Pokémon, in-game currency or items is not allowed. Video proof of scamming is required for moderators to be able to punish the scammer, so please record all your trades!

    • Tp Trapping ~ Any form of tpa manipulation whose intent is to kill or trap another player in Skyblock or Factions is not allowed.
      • Example: Nether Portal Trap or Fall Trap.

    • Inappropriate Builds ~ Any form of build on PokéWars or Skyblock that includes blocks placed a manner that it resembles an inappropriate image is not allowed.
      • Example: Nazi swastika, genitalia, etc.

    • IRL Money Trades ~ Any form of trading Pokémon or in-game items (ex. Water Stone) for a real money reward (Eggs, Ranks, PayPal Money) is not allowed. This also includes trading for items on other servers. Simply asking for an IRL Trade can and will result in a warning.

    • Inappropriate Username/Skin/Cape ~ Using an inappropriate skin or cape, or having an inappropriate username is not allowed and can result in a ban if refused to change it.
      • Example: Using a Hitler skin, inappropriate images on a cape.

    • Hacking/Spam Botting ~ Any form of client addition to your client is not allowed. Optifine is okay, and Schematic is only okay for Skyblock. Drag Clicking and Butterfly Clicking are also not allowed and fall under this rule.
      • Example: Fly Hacking, Kill Aura, Reach, Autoclicker, Spam Bot, etc.

    • Punishment Evasion ~ Joining the server on an alternate account to evade a punishment received on another account is not allowed.
      • Examples: Coming on the server to speak to others when your other account is muted. Coming on to the server on another account when banned on the other.

    • Mute Evasion ~ Using ways to communicate while muted is not allowed.
      • Example: Renaming Pokémon to talk to others, or using signs in Skyblock to talk to others.

    • AFK in /cbattle ~ Intentionally going afk in a /cbattle is not allowed and can result in a ban. If somebody goes AFK please contact a Senior Mod/Manager on Discord.

    • Alt in /cbattle ~ Using an alt in /cbattle to gain more points on your main account or vice-versa.

    • Alt AFK Mining ~ Having more than 1 account mining at the same time/mining while you are doing other work on your island is not allowed.

    • Alt Lottery ~ Using more than 1 account to have a greater chance to win the lottery is not allowed.

    • Intentional Killing ~ The act of killing another player when not in a pvp designated area is not allowed.
      • Example: Dropping blocks on top of them to suffocate them in walls / Placing lava at their feet / trapping them in a case of water.

    • Griefing ~ The act of breaking/destroying other people’s land or islands is not allowed.
      • Example: Stealing their items as well like breaking chests for loot. Breaking their land or islands and ruining their stuff.


    Rules specifically for Survival 2.0
    (More rules may be added later)
    • Alt Accounts Claims ~ You are not allowed to use alt accounts to claim more land than you would have on one regular account.
      • Example: Using a second account to expand your claim space for your original home/land.

    Any form of Blackmail or attempt to use screenshots or videos to take advantage or other players or Staff members will result in a severe punishment. We do not tolerate that type of behavior and the punishment will be selected by Staff Managers.


    You are responsible for your account. Your account will be punished if it is caught breaking the rules listed above even if it is not you using the account at the time. No exceptions will be made and appeals made with this excuse will be denied.

    If you suspect a staff member is abusing their power or punishing players incorrectly, please contact a Manager and they will deal with your issue.

    If you would like to report a player:
    If you would like to report a bug/glitch:
    If you would like to appeal a punishment: