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    So, you entered PokéFind and found out about PokéWars, ahh a really fun gamemode - You played a couple of games and realised how do some other players get over 1000+ kills in their stats already, get good kits and overflowing amount of coins, how do they get that in such a short period of time?! You may ask ... Here are some tips that could help you with your PokéWars Adventures.

    Fours Tips:
    1. Don't rush mid! - You might think of rushing to mid is a good solution in the beginning, I recommend not to do this until about you have access to at least 1 Ultra-Ball generators - Why because when you rush to mid, there is a high chance of meeting with other enemies, they could be gathered in around 2-3 people on average which you could not fight them all alone! After they take you down they might rush to your base and destroy your PokéBall which means you lose :( Going to at least 1 Ultra-Ball generator helps you get some island upgrades which can be helpful for both attack and defense!

    2. Evolve as soon as possible! - In fours, there would be a lot of players clashing on the battlegrounds, getting at least an iron armor upgrade will help you increase defensive stats and you could take more advantage in fighting another player! Get those KDR up ;)

    3. Dont leave base empty-handed! - I know that players have the will and eagerness to go and explore the maps to improve theirselves so they can win, but I highly recommend 2 players in a team of 4 to stay put most of the time in the base, even with the most strategic PokéBall defense system, it may be destroyed, that's why you should protect your pokeball in your base all the time! Probably switch turns with other players.

    Doubles Tips:
    1. One out one in! So I highly recommend you to have at least you or your teammate stay put in your base to protect the PokéBall, there are a lot of sneaky players in doubles so watch out!

    2. Don't evolve quickly! In doubles, things should happen quick, don't evolve just yet until you have access to Ultra-Ball generators and get some island upgrade, pretty much just rush in Doubles because players get to mid and raid other bases pretty quickly which makes it difficult, I recommend to evolve once the game has around 3-4 teams eliminated including the islands that are the closest to you because when you are busy collecting, they are busy attacking and gaining loot for their own upgrade which drops the probability of you winning a PvP against them. Just destroy other teams as fast as possible!

    Solo Tips:
    1. Rekt them! When you get in a game of Solo mode, you should get to the closest opponents base as possible and destroy their pokeball, this is a good tip because you don't want to get to much fights and clashing with your neighbor islands which could cause a downside to your KDR and possibly make you lose :(

    2. Get lots of U-Balls! Ultraballs are one of the most essential game in PokéWars solo because your game pretty much depends on it, try to get rare candy first, then generator upgrade, then protection and then sharpness 1, you can get island trap anytime you want to give you signal if someone is planning on touching your PokéBall ;)

    Tips for All
    So, these are some tips that should be applied to all game!

    1. Remember the cost of items and upgrades - this should be very important as you can easily calculate how your strategy in winning the game is like, how much different pokeballs you should stock up and more.
    2. Don't carry valuable items and pokeball when you are planning to attack/ambush a player, you might lose a battle against them and they will take those valuable items when you die which gives an advantage for your opponents :(

    Important Island Upgrades:
    Rare Candy - Cost of 3 Uballs, this allows you to buy some essential items in PokéWars for a cheaper price

    Sharpness 1 - Cost of 4-6 Uballs (different gamemodes), allows you to get more damage of players when using your swords

    Protection - Cost 2-30 Uballs (depending on protection level and gamemode), allows you to get protection enchantment in your armor for extra-defense

    Generator Upgrade - Cost 2 and more Uballs (depending on generator level and gamemode), increases the amount of pokeballs, greatballs and even masterballs to spawn in your island generator

    Island Trap - Cost 1 Uball, This is the most important, alerts you when an enemy enters a specific range within your base

    Know your Base:
    Make sure you know how to get around in your base, chest, e-chest, and much more!

    PokéBall at base - this is the most important thing to protect in your base, you lose it, you only have 1 life left which means you can no longer respawn after this is destroyed

    Chest & Ender-Chest - Chest can be a form of storage which you can share with your teammates or just keep stuff in it, Ender Chest are private chest, which means nobody can access it, only you, even when you die, nobody can get those items inside it.

    Shopkeepers - Villagers that are in your base are crucial, don't try to block them! You can purchase all sorts of items and blocks from these shopkeepers to keep you top notch in the game and the island upgrade shop keepers helps you improve your island with all sorts of upgrades (e.g Rare Candy and Protection 1)

    Most important tip of all: Don't hack ;)

    So that is pretty much it! Thank you all for reading this and I took so much time in doing this, I hope this is helpful and feel free to follow me on discord for more post and updates, as well as if you have any further questions ;) Drop a comment below if you enjoyed it!

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    Rush mid is my specialty ;)
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