Someone stole my pokemon

Discussion in 'Help' started by SurpriseOMatic, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. SurpriseOMatic

    SurpriseOMatic New Member

    Sep 18, 2017
    I got a Onix from a rare egg and put a Metal coat on it so i could evolve it. I asked the chat if there was someone I could trade with so I could evolve my pokemon. mrgeorgestarwars said they would, so we traded. They got my Onix and I asked for it back. They said they would give it back but didn't. I kept asking them for it back but they refused. This was on server 24, 9/18, at about 6:20pm Pacific time. Later at about 6:40pm they practically admitted it. I was wondering if someone could check the chat logs and get them banned possibly? If possible, I could get my Onix/Steelix back? My minecraft username is SurpriseOMatic.
  2. Rottzy

    Rottzy New Member

    Aug 11, 2017
    Oh no! That sucks! Next time maybe get a friend or someone you trust to trade with you so this won't happen. I really hope someone is able to get your pokemon back for you :(
  3. ToastyTunes

    ToastyTunes ToastyTunes

    Feb 23, 2017
    Sorry to hear you lost your Pokémon :( This would be considered as Scamming, you can try to report this player in the Player Report Section found in the forums, you also require Video Evidence for Scamming.