Suggestion for a Pokemon overhaul on Skyblock.

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    Apr 1, 2017
    Long post, bear with me. Skyblock has quickly become my favorite part of Pokefind, I love building things and I love building things with Pokemon helping me even more. But lets be real here. Once you have a couple of Rhyhorns going and a Charizard smelting everything for you then you're pretty much set for the rest of your game-play as far as money goes. All that's left after that is trying to become the top island or building, the rest of the Pokemon more or less become useless as you can just buy anything you'd get from them from the store.

    I'd like to see some more depth added to the Pokemon, abilities, skills, powers, whatever you want to call them. It would pretty much be an overhaul of how they all work(plus a bunch of new ones!)

    My thought on this is fairly simple. The core function of the Pokemon would remain unchanged, A Geodude would still produce ores and get better as it evolves. What would be added to it would be the ability to purchase further upgrades to enhance him. An increase in placing speed, increased chance of a certain ore spawning, etc. These would all obviously have level caps in place to prevent them from being too overpowered and the caps could be increased when you evolve them. Pokemon will always inherit any abilities they had prior to evolving.

    Not only would this add a lot more usability to the Pokemon but it would also let you in a sense customize them to how you want to use them. It would also bring a nice way to spend the ridiculous amounts of money some of us have accumulated.

    Below are some of the things I've come up with, I'd love to hear thoughts on them or on this post in general.
    *Note* Speed increases would be on top of whatever increase evolving already adds
    *Note* Obviously all of these numbers are just what I came up with in my head, they might not be very balanced
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    Apr 1, 2017
    • Geodude
      • Placement speed - "Geodude gets a little bit faster!" Each level of this would increase the placing speed by 5%(Maximum 25%)
      • Picky Placement(Toggled Ability) - "Geodude is a little bit picky about his rocks" Turning this on makes it so Geodude always places smooth stone instead of cobblestone
    • Graveler
      • Placement Speed - Level cap increased to 50%.
      • Biome Enhancement - "Graveler can find new types of blocks!" Depending on what biome your island is set to, Graveler may place different blocks/ores. Ex: Nether Quartz in nether biomes, Clay in Swamps.
    • Golem
      • Placement Speed - Level cap increased to 75%
      • Ore Hunter(Toggled) - "On his trainers command Golem will focus on specific ore types" Opens a smaller menu, where you can select from each ore type. Increasing a level in one of these ore types will make that type of ore 10% more likely to appear(up to a max of 50%) Only one type of Ore hunter can be active at a time.

    • Charmander
      • Fuel Efficiency - "Charmander can't quite keep a furnace going indefinitely, but he can make them go longer!" Increases how long coal and charcoal will last in a furnace(+2 smelts per coal, maximum +4)
      • Critical Smelt - " Sometimes Charmander has a little extra fire in him!" Gives a 5% chance of getting double the output(2 smelts at once, maximum 10%)
    • Charmeleon
      • Fuel Efficiency - Level cap increased to +8
      • Critical Smelt - Level cap increased to 20%
    • Charizard
      • Fuel Efficiency - Charizard now fuels furnaces without the use of fuel
      • Critical Smelt - Level cap increased to 30%
      • Lava Plume - "Might as well put his heat to good use!" Charizard can fill empty buckets with lava.

    • Bulbasaur
      • Moisten - "Bulbasaur collects moisture from the ground using his vines in order to keep the farmland wet!" Farmland within Bulbasaurs radius will be kept hydrated as if their were water nearby.
      • Growth Speed - "Bulbasaurs speed is improving!" Each level would increase his growth speed by 5%(Maximum 25%)
    • Ivysaur
      • Growth Speed - Level cap increased to 50%
      • Harvester - "Ivysaur has learned how to harvest crops!" Allows Ivysaur to harvest crops at a slow rate
    • Venusaur
      • Growth Speed - Level cap increased to 75%
      • Harvester - Rate of harvest increased
      • Sunny Day - "Venusaur utilizes solar energy to speed of the growth of even more plants!" Venusaur can now speed of the growth of all plant types! Including nether wart, cocoa beans, and tree saplings. In addition to this if there are grass blocks near venusaur he will apply bonemeal to them spawning tall grass and potentially flowers


    • Gastly
      • Spawn Speed - "Gastly can spawn even faster now!" Each level increases his spawning speed by 5%(Maximum 10%)
      • Reinforcements - "Gastly will sometimes spawn extra mobs to try and kill you." Each level gives a 10% chance of spawning an extra mob(Maximum 10%)
    • Haunter
      • Spawn Speed - Level cap increased to 20%
      • Reinforcements - Level cap increased to 30%
      • Mean Look(Toggled) - "Haunters deep gaze petrifies mobs it spawns!" Haunter applies a high level slowness effect to everything it spawns effectively stunning them in place.
    • Gengar
      • Spawn Speed - Level cap increased to 30%
      • Reinforcements - Level cap increased to 50%, chance of 2 extra mobs
      • Curse(Toggled) - "Gengar curses everything it spawns!" Mobs spawned by Gengar spawn with half their normal hitpoints.
      • Biome Enhancement(Toggled) - "Gengar has learned his surroundings in order to cause more trouble!" Gengars spawns are now biome dependent. Ex: Cold biomes will add stray spawns, deserts will add husks, nether biomes will add pig zombies, swamps will add slimes.

    • Ditto
      • Selective Breeding - "Ditto is getting a little picky lately" Free power, just allows the trainer to select which animals to allow ditto to breed.
      • Outgoing - "Ditto has learned how to induce breeding in even more wildlife!" Allows you to purchase new breeding options, such as villagers, cats, wolves, mooshrooms, horses, llamas, polar bears and squid(I'm aware there are no normal breeding mechanics for squid and polar bears.)
      • Twins! - "Ditto has learned how to make breeding more efficient!" Each level gives animals bred by Ditto a 5% chance of spawning two babies.(Maximum 25%)
    • Scyther
      • Careful Cutter(Toggled) - "Scyther carefully cuts the tree making sure to preserve everything" Allows scyther to collect the leaves from the trees it cuts down.
      • Replanter - "Scyther will occasionally replant the trees it cuts down" Each level gives Scyther a 5% chance to replant a tree he cuts down.(Maximum 25%) If Scyther cuts down multiple trees at once only one will be replanted, selected at random.
    • Scizor
      • Replanter - Level cap increased to 50%
      • Technician(Toggled) - "Scizor uses precision cuts to make your life a little easier!" Allows Scizor to automatically change any logs he cuts into planks.
    • Aipom - Core ability is pickup, allows him to find items randomly.
      • Selective(Toggled) - "Aipom is a little picky about what he grabs off the ground" Allows you to toggle what type of items Aipom should pick up(For a price) Categories include things like "Shiny", "Food", "Tools", "Nature" etc.
      • Lucky Streak - "Sometimes luck is just on your side!" Each level increases his lucky streak chance by 2%(Maximum 10%) Lucky streak gives a chance of immediately finding another item when one is found.
    • Chinchou - Core ability is fishing, allows him to fish automatically when near water.
      • Fishing Speed - "Chinchou illuminates the water in order to see the fish better." Increases fishing speed by 10% per level(Maximum 50%)
      • Treasure Finder - "Chinchou can now spot treasure chests hiding underwater!" Increases the chances of finding a treasure chest by 1% per level(Maximum 5%). Treasure chests would consist of normal fishing treasure loot and would be placed in Chinchous inventory as an addition to the normal fish he catches.
    • Lanturn
      • Fishing Speed - Level cap increased to 100%
      • Treasure Finder - Level cap increased to 15%
      • Electri-fry(Toggled) - "Lanturn uses stored electricity to fry the fish he catches." Allows Lanturn to instantly cook any fish he catches.
    • Hoppip - Core ability is planting seeds, allows him to plant selected seed in any viable farmland within radius.
      • Seed Selector - "Hoppip is ready to start planting, select your seeds!" Allows you to select which seeds Hoppip should plant, he starts off with only normal seeds available to him. Other seeds may be purchased for large amounts(Since they are infinite). Hoppips available seeds for purchase would be Seeds and Carrots.
      • Planting Speed - "Hoppip loves planting seeds so much he got even faster at it!" Each level increases the speed he plants seeds by 5%(Maximum 25%)
    • Skiploom
      • Seed Selector - Potato and Beetroot seeds now available for purchase
      • Planting Speed - Level cap increased to 50%
    • Jumpluff
      • Seed Selector - Pumpkin, Melon, and Cocoa Beans now available for purchase
      • Planting Speed - Level cap increased to 100%
    • Bellossom - Core ability is spawning neutral and passive mobs.
      • Sweet Scent - "Bellossoms aroma attracts an even larger variety of mobs." Allows Bellossom to attract Polar Bears, Wolves, Ocelots, Horses, Llamas, and Mooshrooms, and Rabbits if in the correct biome.
      • Spawn Speed - "Bellossom dances around faster using sweet scent." Each level increases Bellossoms spawning speed by 10%(Maximum 50%)
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  3. dombatt1

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    Apr 3, 2017
    Dude, I gotta admit this suggestion is pretty sick dude! 100% sure they are gonna accept this and make this real. I love the idea of making your pokes upgrade in this type of fashion!
  4. charlie_boi

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    Apr 1, 2017
    Glad you like it. :) The Pokemon in Skyblock feel too much like machines to me the way they currently are, I feel like this would make them feel more like Pokemon trying to help you out.
  5. WoutPurfect

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    Feb 28, 2017
    I love this idea!
    We will look into this for sure and thanks for putting so much effort in it!
    What I like as well is that you've come up with some new ideas for new pokemon from generation two.
    I personally like your Aipon idea.
    Thanks a lot for your time!
  6. Sycho11

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    Mar 28, 2017
    This is amazing! I love it and I really hope that these ideas are added in the future.