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  1. Shuper_Shuckster

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    Mar 20, 2020
    So I've been on Pokefind for a few days now, and I've been voting since I joined, 24 hrs in between each set of 4, but I haven't seen or gotten any eggs and was wondering if eggs are still available as voting rewards or not, or if the chances are super low. I'm voting on the Region Servers btw.
  2. DarkEclipic

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    Aug 19, 2018
    Hello there!

    Eggs are still in the pokeworld vote shop, you do not get them from the voting sites anymore due to us changing the system. You get a vote spin as a reward for voting on all 4 voting sites, the spin will give you more vote dust to your total. you can check your total vote dust when you hover over the vote shop in /vote on pokeworld