[YouTube] Starting a New Series!

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Livestream or Record?

  1. Record

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  2. live stream

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  3. both

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  1. WhiteDecay

    WhiteDecay New Member

    Oct 3, 2017
    I have already played on the server with my main. I will play on my Alternate account to start from the beginning with my friends or alone just to give the series a bit more feels toward you guys. Once I reach the same level as my main i will switch over to that account as I will be doing most adventure on there.
    Hey guys I was wondering how would you go about it should I livestream it more than recording?

    1: I can talk to you guys
    2: As we talk you guys can teach me more about pokemon on the adventure ( i don't know jack about most pokemons :( )
    3: You guys will be able to see where I am currently at in the game and travel along side.
    4: My friends may join our adventure as well as stream.
    5: Making thumbnail is the only thing i need to prepare for the stream ( as well as my pokemons xD )
    May have many more but can't list them as I'm making this at 3 am in the morning zzzzZZZ

    1: You'll have content ready for you after school ours
    2: I read comment section majority of the time as soon as video goes out.

    Recording I would have to take the time to edit the video to my liking, Create thumbnails, make sure it all completed by the due date.
    In my opinion recording and editing is a lot of work while live streaming it is not.