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Feb 3, 2019
Oct 28, 2016
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Oct 5, 1995 (Age: 23)

Daniel Matias

Co-Owner of PokeFind, Male, 23

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Feb 3, 2019
    1. yuki
      I got banned from inappropriate username and I changed it can I please be unbanned my new username is _Meqan
    2. gregory
      i was banned for doing nothing permanent my username is Gregorymin99
      1. ShootingFor3
        May 26, 2018
      2. gregory
        how do i fill a punishment appeals
        May 26, 2018
      3. gregory
        ok i did it
        May 26, 2018
    3. luhjjkjkllo
      hey I spent 286.32 dollars can I be a JR MOD
      1. ShootingFor3
        Apr 22, 2018
        Pars2000 likes this.
    4. Milk_Green
      My pupitar suddenly disappeared
    5. XD001ShadowLugia
      They took my 5$ and i was perm banned and i didn't get my money back.
    6. XD001ShadowLugia
      Pking701 same and they DIDNT GIVE ME a refund
    7. pking701
      i was banned for evasion how can i get unbanned? please help, i want to join back and play with my friends. My username is pking701
    8. killerlegends
      i bought crate key [3] x2 but it did not send please send it back to me my username is XxFirestormxX_YT
    9. Masterlegend
      why I'm I muted permanent my gamer tag is Masterlegend
    10. Gladiola
      Can I have my island back.....? I was banned for a day for "glitch abuse (assist)" because Andi931's gengar wouldn't stop evolving. It wasn't our fault, how would we know that it would glitch. When I was unbanned I went onto skyblock (like always) and my island was gone.... I was 25k level. With a zapdos (that I paid for).... Where is all my progress? Can I have it back? I worked hard for it! I had so much! SO MUCH
      1. Gladiola
        There are other ways to deal with a glitch besides deleting me and Andi's island. ): Seriously... I am freaking out. I spent over 5 days on my island.
        Nov 8, 2017
      2. Gladiola
        :/ I realized now that I was accused of duping. They checked my chests and found a lot of stuff and they thought I duped it all, even so I didn't. I got my diamond blocks from my rhydon farm. I got my ig stacks from ItzExcqlibur. I got all my other stuff from IRL friends. @MrJoshyy said I will never get it back. I promise you I didn't dupe. You can read our conversation on MrJoshy's wall
        Nov 10, 2017
    11. bobthebuilder514
      im am stuck behind a wall in the bird quest i really need help
    12. Eztorly
      Hello my name is Eztorly Im a youtuber with 1500 subscriber i wold like to record and make a lets play in the pokefind server but i already play the game progressed if you can can you delete all my pokemon and lvl money and stuff to make me a new profile on pokemon/pixelmon worldld pls I rely like the server and i wold like to support the server :D can u help me if you can pls
    13. Abdoo36
    14. terminator_XX
      i was reported for hacking but i was not and i got banned
    15. BobbyisNowHere
      Daniel Matias I can't join Poke SkyBlock My account is BobbyisNowHere help
    16. DaSavage
      Hey iv been playing on this server for a couple of months know and I just randomly got permanently banned from chat one day when all I do is talk to friends and trade. Could you please help me and get me unbanned from chat. Also my legendary quest glitched and it puts me in the diamond arena when I click on Ryder. My gamertag is XxThe_SavagexX.
    17. pieguy
      Hi I would like to be a moderator because I'm great with command blocks. I know how you make the pokemon. I can explain that but besides the point. Oh and I forgot to introduce myself I am crawfroggaming or craw for short. I want transportation to make your server as well as it could be knowing how you make pokemon i can do it. I am ten and this was my apply.
    18. Arthur Beasley
      Arthur Beasley
      Hi I would like to know if I am good enough for jr mod
    19. redstoneblaze
      Hey, I've have been playing on the server for about a month now on sky block and have recently re logged and noticed something peculiar.
      ALL MY STUFF IS GONE my username is redstoneblaze. I had 2 geodudes, 1 schyther and a rhydon and a level 192 island (or something close) PLEASE HELP ME
    20. chancetherapper2
      can you give me a rank olease
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    Oct 5, 1995 (Age: 23)