Epic Survival Update

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    Oct 28, 2016
    Hello Trainers,

    We have just rolled out a a very exciting and highly requested update on Pokemon Survival! Before I get into that, 2x EXP Weekend is now live on Pokemon Survival and Pokemon World! This will last till Tuesday morning since we were a bit late with today’s update!

    What’s New:
    - Added Shiny Pokemon to Survival! You can get your Shiny Egg at https://store.pokefind.co/. First one to tweet us with a Shiny Pokemon in Survival will get a free Shiny Egg
    - Added Trainer NPCs to Pokemon Survival. These will spawn around the world and despawn once their timer runs out. They will show up in your Pokemon Tracker when you are nearby a Trainer.
    - Added The Merchant to Pokemon Survival. These merchants spawn randomly around world just like Trainers. They sell different types of TMs for Tokens. Tokens can be earned by defeating Trainers or Gym leaders.
    - Fixed reported bugs and made some optimizations

    Hope you all enjoy today's update and Double XP event! Thank you all for the suggestions and support <3
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