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  1. HexedHero

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    Apr 21, 2017
    - EU Servers
    Really simple, just servers in the EU region for EU players, because playing with a little bit of ping can actually get annoying after a while and this would spread the player base over the world a bit more. Could even just turn the last 20-30 (10) servers into EU servers and have the EU servers on the bottom on the server selection in a different block or something.

    - Bike Test Drive
    Nothing really important but I think would be a little nice, so you can't test drive bikes, so I think it would be nice that if you go to the bike shop and right click on the bikes, you get a option to test drive it. Test driving it will stop you from doing anything other than just riding the bike around the map but the second you get off it, you get TPed back to the shop. I feel like this would be good to compare the different between the Z bike and other bikes.

    - Show off your Pokemon
    So trading right now is a bit hard, because you have to ask them what level, nature etc. but with this, you would type %item% or or %pokemon% or any variable in the chat and it'll replace that variable with your Pokemon in your hand! This would be GREAT for trading and just sending people offers in /MSG, you would just have to say to someone selling a Pokemon "/MSG [Name] %pokemon% This for it?" and they can check the stats and everything right off the bat! This could even just be a donor reward so that it won't get spammed in chat. Or even just make it so it only works in /MSG or something, up to you guys :)
    This is what I mean (Obviously would say the Pokemon stats and not enchantments):

    - Server Switcher
    You should be able to type /Server [#] and it'll hop you to that server! Instead of going back to /hub and having to reload the resource pack which takes a while, then enter a server. This could be a good donor reward, since you'll have no problem joining other servers because you have P-access. Or even just a command like /Servers which brings open the server selection menu just like in the hub. :p

    - Trading Forum (Suggested: 14/05/2017)
    Very simple idea, just a forum for trading where you can make a thread buying/selling your pokemon! Just like how the Discord channel is but on here.

    - Fly Orbs (Suggested: 16/05/2017)

    Quite a simple idea yet I think its a great idea! Right now, no one fly other than Legends, Champs and of course staff. So I think a great idea is to add "Fly Orbs" that give you the ability to fly just like /Fly but for a limited time of an hour or more/less. I had the thought of making it obtainable by maybe the Elites /Kit, it'll give you a single Flight/Fly orb because an hour of flight every 5 days is, I think reasonable and also gives Elites a little taste of /Fly! Along with this, maybe orbs will be obtainable from the Mystery Man for around 100 tokens, maybe? can be More/less of course.

    Please tell me what you guys think <3
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  2. Madara_

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    Feb 9, 2017
    The server switcher and pokemon showoff are both a cool idea, Do not see a use for bike test drives. EU server would be a great addition in order to entice EU players to play.
  3. Shylent Knight

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    Apr 10, 2017
    Server Switcher is a great addition to the servers. Saves the hassle of people going to hub first to just switch to another server. It would be nice if spawn had a tower to change server #'s for free players and ranked players have that /server command to pop up that server menu like in hub.
    Showing off your pokemon idea is great but as for the bike idea, I don't think it's necessary. Everyone tpa's to each other anyways, I personally don't see the benefit of a bike other than to show off to be honest.