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Jun 18, 2017
Feb 2, 2017
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May 15, 1998 (Age: 26)
Nebraska, USA
High School Student

MrWaffleFries - Chris

Crazy Active Member, Male, 26, from Nebraska, USA

Glad to be part of such an amazing community. Feb 3, 2017

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Jun 18, 2017
    1. Pars2000
      Waffle Fries are good.
    2. aKaTaZ_
      MrWaffleFries, can you tell me that is a leftovers rare? Because I got one for my really bad Shadow Typhlosion. Not kidding. It is SUPER Bad
    3. HunterRettelle
      I was scammed he named a Zombie spawner and ig spawner and i gave him a lugia my email is [email protected]
    4. Canadianrainbow
      Hey i used to play pokefind but i got rid of my PC, and i just got a new one and when i try to join the server it says "sorry, failed to load your data! please contact a staff member" is there anyway you could help me?
    5. barshlomo
      chris my brother tought it would be funny to get my ban from the server but i love the server and play it a lot can you please help me my nickname is bsr1711
    6. Star_Lord_
      Chris i have been banned for no apparent reason. I don't hack, i have been kicked for flying a few times due to lag. I haven't cheat in my life and i have even bought things on this server. Why would i send money if there is a chance that i get banned. Pls i love this server and if u can help me that would be amazing. I don't swear or do anything that can get me kicked so please.
    7. JJMillis123
      Hey, Can u help? I try to connect to Pokemon world but i just get disconnected. My sprites in my hotbar glitch out and then i get disconnected. I have downloaded the texture pack and put it so it turns on automatically. Please tell me any tips to improve!!
    8. bobthebuilder514
      im am stuck behind a wall in the bird quest i really need help
    9. penguin1997
      hello me nickname was dildo_drenge and i am been banned from it soo i have changend it to penguin1997 can i plz get unbanned and i am sorry plz help me
    10. silvercelebi
      all my things got reset just letting you know
      1. Bammaboy
        no you cant get your stuff back XD. JK
        May 1, 2018
    11. Dannysaur
      The user weratyaskan2014 lied to me, he/she said that he/she will give back my gengar since i trade him my haunter. Can you do anything about it.
    12. Sammy
      When i install the Resource Pack, IT LAGS :( , ME SAD :( Thank You.. From Sammy ^_^ :P
    13. Marvin4941
      Do i have to wait a month before another appeal or not?
    14. rhinoboy
      can u help me?
    15. Eztorly
      Hello my name is Eztorly Im a youtuber with 1500 subscriber i wold like to record and make a lets play in the pokefind server but i already play the game progressed if you can can you delete all my pokemon and lvl money and stuff to make me a new profile on pokemon/pixelmon worldld pls I rely like the server and i wold like to support the server :D can u help me if you can pls
    16. bobthebuilder514
      i was banned for scamming but i lost power and got disconnected can u help
    17. theproflamesss
      I lost my charmander and I don't know what to do know its harder with out a starter so can you pls help me
    18. Littlemarle
      hi I'm littlemarle in pokefind island I accidently clicked accept for joining the island, so I was wondering if you would get my island back for me or at least my pokemon, the pokemon I had is 1 rhyhorn, 4 geodude and 1 charmander, my user name is littlemarle, hope you can fix it<3
    19. Draxx95
      hi my gaming name is Draxx95 plz i hacked before but ssundee just posted a new pokeworld video and i want to play with him plz can you unban me i will never ever hack again plz plz plz
    20. !(Luk)!
      i have sent my aplication for a staff member yesterday where do i go to see whether it was denied or not
      1. MysticDoesPvp
        If it's not there that means you have been denied, you can also check in the denied section
        Aug 23, 2017
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    May 15, 1998 (Age: 26)
    Nebraska, USA
    High School Student
    I am a 19 year old High School student. My life consist of Soccer, School, and Using my computer to do various things. I am too old for soccer where I live - so now all the free time I have is used on the computer. Server Administration, Photoshop, YouTube, Twitch, etc. I literally spend at least 10+hours a day on my computer.

    Minecraft: I have been apart of the game for about 5 years now. I did not get into server owning, and administration till about a year in. So my experience with servers started 4 years back. Becoming a Mod on a SkyBlock server (Known as MineLegacy, that then became SkyTopia, SkyMania) I followed the name through many different owners - RasecLOG, xBikyouboy, BoomerDoesIt, M16xBlast, and even Aaron here. That is how I met Aaron. I would work day and night on the server, and when Aaron became owner I was his lead Admin and developer. I have more experience than most folks here. I may not know how to make Custom Plugins, Or Develop different things. But I have been around enough community to know commands - What to do - How to handle things.

    How Many Communitys?: Well, I have Owned SkyForge - Factions, SkyForge - SkyBlock, SkyForge - SkyGrid, VoltoCraft - factions, McSkyBlock - SkyBlock. - I have been Admin on honestly too many to count - or even remember the names to. But the most important ones are, MineLegacy, SkyTopia, SkyMania, VoltoCraft, SpacePrison (Yes the server deadlox played on) and some others.

    I rarely am promoted to Mod, but go straight to Admin due to my past exsperience with Owning, and Being Admin on SkyBlock, Factions, Plots, PvP, Kits, Prison, MiniGames so on and so fourth.

    Why I am here: Aaron one day messaged me about this great opportunity, I joined and instantly laughed. Due to the fact of how well done everything was, how custom things were. The beauty of the server, the amazement I saw around. Not to mention how many players where on. Later on - I was invited to the Staff List / Call and teared up a little bit because I know how far this server is going to go.

    When am I leaving: Well see... Never. I potentially want to make this my Job. Either as like a forum moderator / Livechat helper to help with things. Start a YouTube or Twitch and film on the server. Only time will tell, so we shall see.

    If there is anything else you would like to know about me. Feel Free to ask! I am quite literally an open book :D


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    My Important Links
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    If I helped in any way, Go ahead and leave a like.